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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Labradoodle?

How much should I expect to pay?

Remember that Labradoodles are fashionable crossbreeds and don't get carried away. Most reputable breeders are, at the time of writing (2006), charging around 750 for a dog. Many charge less, reflecting the normal prices for good pedigree Labradors or Poodles which rarely exceed this level - remember the Kennel Club doesn't want to know about your Labradoodle so the pedigree chart is really only of use in validating that responsible breeding has been present throughout your dogs lineage. Later generation crosses, with established coat types, may command the higher price for people who need a dog to which they will not be sensitive.

What type of coat does a Labradoodle have?

Do they moult?

Do they smell?

I have asthma/allergies, would a Labradoodle be OK for me?

Are they recognised by the Kennel Club?

Are they active dogs?

What is their temperament?

How long do they live?

Do they have any health issues?

Are they trainable?

What are all these F1, F3 codes I keep hearing about?

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