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by annabell22
24 Apr 2016, 21:36
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Barking......or lack of it
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Re: Barking......or lack of it

Our Monty was also a quiet pup. Hardly heard a peep out of him til he hit 8 months. He now barks when someone walks past the window (if he can be bothered) or when he hears a noise such as knocking or banging. He also likes to play the big man when he spots a cat. Goodness knows what would happen if...
by annabell22
19 Nov 2015, 11:51
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Different labradoodle coats - confused!
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Re: Different labradoodle coats - confused!

I really must learn how to post photos again. It would be very useful here. I agree that labradoodle really are a random collection of pooches! I would stay away from first generation crosses if you really dont want a heavy shedder as you really cant predict what you get with these ones. As others h...
by annabell22
01 Nov 2015, 17:38
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Australian labradoodle coat question
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Re: Australian labradoodle coat question

Monty is 50% aussie and we noticed a slight increase in the amount of hair in his brush also around this age. I cant remember if lasting that long at all to be honest, though I think we did give him his first proper haircut not long after as the heat was really starting to bother him. Now though he ...
by annabell22
21 Oct 2015, 14:35
Forum: Feeding and Nutrition
Topic: 1 year old and not eating much anymore
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Re: 1 year old and not eating much anymore

I too imagine that she should be down to 2 meals by now. The amount of food a puppy needs also drastically decreases when they reach around 12 months. Have you checked your feeding guide lately? Our pup is also a year old just recently and the amount recommended in the guide now is a lot less than h...
by annabell22
20 Oct 2015, 20:35
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Worries re size
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Re: Worries re size

With a labradoodles it's always a surprise! Given that it's a mating with labrador and minature poodle and not a standard poodle I would imagine a slight labrador size would be correct. There is a guide online somewhere that shows weight and height and growth etc but no idea how accurate it can actu...
by annabell22
16 Oct 2015, 05:38
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How much is too much?
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Re: How much is too much?

We have monty who is a 50/50 aussie. He has a wavy soft coat and doesn't shed at all. We brush him a couple times a week and that seems to be enough. I think most aussie breeders pick their mates carefully for their history of shedding or non shedding probably. In montys litter of pups know know the...
by annabell22
29 Sep 2015, 21:51
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Neutering a dog so young? Advice please...
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Re: Neutering a dog so young? Advice please...

We have a 50% aussie male who was ESP when we got him. Whilst I do agree that 90% of the reason is because the breeders want to keep their business and their income, I do also believe they are protecting the breed. This way only the breeders who have the appropriate dogs for breeding with temperamen...
by annabell22
18 Sep 2015, 20:57
Forum: Introductions
Topic: New puppy owner
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Re: New puppy owner

Wow what a lovely girl. Make sure you enjoy every second of her being young even if she is being a nightmare lol. Monty is coming up to a year next month and I just can't believe he is no longer going to be our little fluffy pup that it seems we brought home only yesterday.
by annabell22
18 Sep 2015, 20:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: You have got to love the Doodle Dash
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Re: You have got to love the Doodle Dash

Yes definitely. Monty always gets a cheeky look in his eye and you just know when going to cause mischief and not be called back.
by annabell22
12 Sep 2015, 18:49
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: Stairs
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Re: Stairs

Glad to hear Sooty is settling in well. I really wouldn't wouldn't worry too much about training her on the stairs. Advice is to prevent puppies climbing up and down stairs and jumping for their first 12 months whilst they are still growing so to be honest keeping her off the stairs would be the iss...
by annabell22
03 Sep 2015, 10:58
Forum: Training Issues
Topic: Is This Normal Behaviour?
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Re: Is This Normal Behaviour?

Definitely normal. Please dont start to think you have a monster on your hands otherwise you will read too much into everything she does and start to think she does things personally to make life difficult for you. shes only a baby and doesnt have thoughts like that. In terms of toys we have a box t...
by annabell22
02 Sep 2015, 21:30
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: HELP - the jumping up is becoming a nightmare
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Re: HELP - the jumping up is becoming a nightmare

Oh dear. It sounds like it's really getting you down. You say she goes mad when someone is at the door. Do u think she is so excited at the prospect of a new person or do you think it's the anticipation of the door knocking and something happening, ie walking to the door, a new person coming in, may...
by annabell22
01 Sep 2015, 22:28
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Doodle dash..
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Re: Doodle dash..

Haha. Monty does this too. He is so chilled out most of the time but sometimes he just loses it and dashes at top speed round the garden or the park or the living room! Doesn't quite last 2 minutes but it's still odd all the same! It's like he just gets a burst of energy and needs to let it out ther...
by annabell22
31 Aug 2015, 08:47
Forum: Feeding and Nutrition
Topic: Vegetarian dog
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Re: Vegetarian dog

Dogs are meat eaters and by denying them this and all the nutrients they need you will be depriving them of one of their basic needs right from the start. If you cant put a dog above your own personal beliefs then you shouldn't get a dog as you cant provide for it correctly. As much as some dogs enj...
by annabell22
28 Aug 2015, 19:18
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How much sleep for 6 month old ?
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Re: How much sleep for 6 month old ?

I also had this thought about monty not so long ago. (10month now). He used to snooze a little in the evening but would play and have a wander too. He seems to be doing more sleeping and less wandering these nights. The wa I see it is its too warm in our house at the min for him to do anything else ...