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by ebug99
04 Jun 2013, 13:42
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: kibble question please
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Re: kibble question please

I think the guides usually give a DAILY allowance, but it might vary with the different brands, and some high quality kibble is so concentrated, you're only meant to feed a small amount. Is there a helpline number on the pack ? If he will eat fruit & veg, you could always bulk it out with some grate...
by ebug99
04 Jun 2013, 13:23
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Natural Flea Spray
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Re: Natural Flea Spray

How interesting !

Is it the lavender flowers you need to use ?

I have loads in the garden, but not flowering yet :|

by ebug99
25 May 2013, 19:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! *Angry face*
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Re: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! *Angry face

OMG !!

Time for a crate I think...................

by ebug99
25 May 2013, 19:36
Forum: Labradoodle M.E.S.S. (Meet Every Second Sunday)
Topic: Birthday Doodle Meet, East Sussex: Abbots Wood, 26th May 2pm
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Re: Birthday Doodle Meet, East Sussex: Abbots Wood, 26th May

Hi Lucy,

We hope to make it tomorrow - we're going to head down to the coast for a bit first, then meet up with you lot on our way back.

Could you PM me your mobile number, just in case I need to call/text !!

Liz x
by ebug99
21 Jan 2013, 00:25
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Snow Pics
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Re: Snow Pics

Lovely photos !!

Have you tried rubbing a little oil on Betsy's legs before giong out in the snow ?
It doesn't stop the snow-balling completely but does help a lot.
by ebug99
18 Dec 2012, 23:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Cass and Sadie would like you to meet......
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Re: Cass and Sadie would like you to meet......

I LOVE the last picture - fabulous !!

What a stunning trio of girls :D

Liz xx
by ebug99
25 Oct 2012, 02:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Dog friendly holiday ideas needed!
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Re: Dog friendly holiday ideas needed!

I'm going to throw Suffolk into the hat ! We stayed in a gorgeous little cottage near Snape before we got Teddy but I know it is dog friendly - it was called 1 Tudor Cottages, Blaxhall and is on this site: There are great beaches & walks - and Adnams beer in Sou...
by ebug99
21 Oct 2012, 23:15
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Oscars portrait
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Re: Oscars portrait

Gorgeous !!
by ebug99
21 Oct 2012, 23:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Crumbles sores
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Re: Crumbles sores

Dermacton & Ultrasalve creams are very effective and made for dogs so safe to use: Good on you for rescuing Crumble - look forward to seeing some photos when she's feeling more herself ! Liz x
by ebug99
14 Oct 2012, 20:56
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Ted
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Re: Ted

Hello Ted - you are scrummy !

More pics please !!

Liz x
by ebug99
14 Oct 2012, 20:53
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Introducing Persie
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Re: Introducing Persie

He is stunning - I am in love !!!!

Congratulations and long may things go well :wink:

Liz x
by ebug99
12 Oct 2012, 21:59
Forum: Health Matters
Topic: Raw food queries
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Re: Raw food queries

That's great news !! And I'm really pleased she's enjoying it so much. I use the Prize Choice freeflow minces as a base for my boys meals (the chicken & tripe and the lamb dinner mainly because they contain bone) and then add extra meat and veg. They get whole meaty lamb or beef bones a couple of ti...
by ebug99
08 Oct 2012, 11:04
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: London Zoo (Photos)
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Re: London Zoo (Photos)

Stunning photos - the giraffe's my fave, I think they have such amazing eyes :D
by ebug99
05 Oct 2012, 22:11
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: She's got me over a barrel
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Re: She's got me over a barrel

:lol: :lol: Sounds like Phoebe has got you very well trained Mandy !!!
by ebug99
05 Oct 2012, 13:11
Forum: Labradoodle Rehoming
Topic: Rehoming on Preloved
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Re: Rehoming on Preloved

Crikey, there are lots :cry:

And the first ad says that puppies will have non-moulting coats, ideal for allergy sufferers - they're F1's for crying out loud, they can't possibly claim that - grrrrrrrrr