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leaving alone

Posted: 30 Apr 2006, 20:58
by angela
how does the labradoodle feel being left alone? my worry is how do we go shopping? while he is young. My other dogs had each other for company and were ok to be left for a few hours. We go for walks along the seafront which we will not be able to do until Otto has had all injections. Advice PLEASE!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Leaving alone

Posted: 30 Apr 2006, 21:24
by ironman
It is always a good idea to get a puppy used to being left alone for periods of time.
After all we can't be there 24/7 for them.
I find the best way to do this is leave the puppy alone only for a short period at first then increasing the length of time it is left alone gradually.
I would probably start with 10 mins then increase this over time.
It also gives the puppy a chance to rest.
I don't know where your puppy sleeps but when your in bed the puppy will be alone.
Some puppies can be left straight away,others need a little more time.
I would never leave a young puppy for more than 2 hours and always make sure it has plenty of fresh drinking water.
I'm sure everthing will be ok, puppies are very adaptable.
Most pups need plenty of sleep so are fine .
You may have to clean up after him or her though when you return :lol:
So don't worry to much and enjoy your shopping trips. :D

Posted: 30 Apr 2006, 22:04
by angela
we have bought a crate for him to stay in the beginning, but it is rather large to carry around the house, we are hoping he will settle in the back dining room, failing this we may have to buy a small bed for the bedroom. wish us luck