Quite shocked at these comments

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Re: Quite shocked at these comments

Post by Nicky » 15 Aug 2010, 10:49

Only really one word for some of those comments, ignorance and breed snobs :lol:

Some people don't like cross breeds because they think they are 'designer' dogs but as I tried to explain to one ignorant person on one forum all dogs are designed in some way to fit in with humans just look at the bulldog for example.

Labradoodles are wonderful dogs in my experience, and if I could join that forum you have posted I would have a few words to say to those people! :lol:

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Re: Quite shocked at these comments

Post by blueboysgirl » 15 Aug 2010, 11:00

Quite true about the breed snobs. I picked Bruno up from the kennels and was talking with a woman who has a bassett hound. When I replied to her that he was a Labradoodle, she just went "oh.....lovely" and turned away!!!! How rude I thought!!
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Re: Quite shocked at these comments

Post by FionaH » 15 Aug 2010, 11:18

I think it's also important to remember that some people would say anything online if they think that it's going to make them look smart/clever/superior to anyone.

I work for one of the biggest online social media companies, so I'm all too aware of the levels of drama that can be coined on a daily basis by individuals who view the internet as their own personal playground. It spoils it for the rest of us!

I'd take a lot of the comments in that thread with a large pinch of salt :)

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Re: Quite shocked at these comments

Post by peelm » 15 Aug 2010, 18:51

Barneyboy is spot on. Most dogs I come into contact with that have aggresion problems were made that way due to a lack of socialisation and guidance from an early age.

However, I do believe that, just like there are bad people, there are bad dogs. I'm not one of those who believes there are no bad dogs just bad owners (although in most cases, that is true).

Whether the cause is bad breeding, or just a quirk in genetics, who knows. But some dogs are just dangerous. However, that's not limited to Labradoodles. It could be any breed.
The little terriors get away with it as
they're just sticking up for themselves because they're smal.
Big dogs are
"dangerous and should be put down".
How many times do you go for a walk and the little dogs are straining on their lead to try and get to you or your dog and no one says a word. Now, let's say that was a rottie or german shepherd. Then it's all a different story.
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Re: Quite shocked at these comments

Post by jan » 15 Aug 2010, 21:01

all i can say is we have been blessed with our three doodles, they are exceptionally well behaved and are very good with other dogs and children and only bark when someone comes to the door.we have had comments from poeple where ever we take them about how well behaved they are.


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