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Norfolk Broads - best boat for labradoodles?

Posted: 07 May 2012, 12:49
by trinared
Hi all

We are going to take Marley and Duffy on their first boating holiday this summer to the Norfolk Broads (if it ever stops raining!!). They are both great swimmers and I'm sure they will enjoy watching the world go by from the boat too.
My question is has anyone been with their dogs to the Broads? Can you recommend a starting point, and most importantly any recommendations about the best sort of boat to hire? We would like a motor boat rather than a canal boat, but also want one that has enough room for them to sit out with us as we go along and some do look limited on outside space..??

Any advice welcome :)


Re: Norfolk Broads - best boat for labradoodles?

Posted: 08 May 2012, 13:33
by Daise1970
Hey I'm really glad you asked this question, as I too fancied a trip on the Broads and wondered whether it was possible with the doodles..Glad to see I'm not the only nutter considering it. My Hubby thinks it's a craaaazy idea.. :x
Daise xx

Re: Norfolk Broads - best boat for labradoodles?

Posted: 08 May 2012, 14:05
by Toarys
We did this with Wispa Summer 2010 and loved it!

She loves the water although we were recommended not to let her swim if we could help it as the water quality isn't great!

We set of from Acle and hired a Stephensons boat (cruiser) - not all are available for hire if you have a dog. We did hire a life jacket for her which she was quite happy to wear (I'll dig out a photo or two)

However.... you would be best advised to get a boat with a low back.... as when they fall in it's difficult to get them back onboard ... we know, we were rescued by some day trippers on a little boat who pulled her onboard then came alongside us to hand her over.

We kept her below deck when we were mooring up as that is when it gets more bumby, she sat up on deck watching the world go by! All the restaurants were happy to have dogs too!


Re: Norfolk Broads - best boat for labradoodles?

Posted: 08 May 2012, 19:01
by trinared
Thanks Jo that's really helpful to know. Did yours have a low back? Did Wispa settle ok at night?

Daise - we're not toooooo crazy !! Just like doing things that include them. Hope you get to go too :)

Re: Norfolk Broads - best boat for labradoodles?

Posted: 09 May 2012, 13:53
by Toarys
No ours didn't - hence why we need help to get her onboard - It was helpful that she had her life jacket on though as it:
1 - kept her body horizontal in the water
2 - We could hook her on the pole you get and guide her round the boat and then use the handle on the back to haul her in -but she is 30k so we couldn't get her up by ourselves (hence the day trippers helped us get her onto their boat and then from theirs to ours !! - last time we saw them we threw a towel to them as they were all very wet!!

It's just seeing other boats around they had low backs and we thought with hindsight they would have been more suitable for hauling her aboard - however as ours didn't maybe that was why she never tried to jump in as it was high??

The reason she fell in was she got over confident following the kids round the narrow edges of the boat and decided to turnaround and come back......

Amazingly, as she loves the water she never jumped in! She is very chilled anyway at home so was quite happy overnight. Her bed is outside our bedroom door at home so thats where it was on the boat.

The only other time she went in was when out on a walk and there was ducks near the bank and she decided to go an say hello.....

However she did pick up an ear infection (possible from going in the water who knows?) and having a dog shaking its head all night on a boat in the middle of nowhere was not fun - so take a doggy first aid kit - we ended up ringing an emergency vet, explained our predicament who advised virgin olive oil in the ear and kids nurofen - which did the trick!!

We loved it - husband, 2 kids aged 13 and 10 me and the dog!