Puppy boom - lots of lovely new doodles recently

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Puppy boom - lots of lovely new doodles recently

Post by michala » 08 Nov 2012, 01:01

Well it's been quite a week! Lots of lovely new puppies on the block. Not wanting to feel left out Guess what? Petal and Cosmic are proud to announce the birth of nine bundles of joy last Sunday.

We have six boys Casper, Comet, Storm, Rocket, Mars and Bolt!
Three girls Pandora, Sparkle and Twinkle!

Wonder if the other breeders feel as sleep deprived as I do?
Saturday no sleep as expected puppies in night - petal was very uncomfortable and scared.
Sunday two hours or should I say two one hour naps inbetween worrying about Petal's health, milk flow and puppies getting enough fluids.
Monday four one hour naps as puppies very noisy every hour on the hour shouting as they organise themselves on the milk bar.
Tuesday five one hour naps as now along with all other worries, worried that Petal will suffocate puppies, despite having rails etc. Petal is also enjoying midnight feasts that lead to three o clock toilet run, oh I did I mention the welpi she demanded at five am?
Tonight collapsed on my new bed which is the settee at ten thirty, puppies quiet, house quiet, three kids and husband tucked up in bed i am snoozing away for at least ten minutes uncomfortably on the settee and guess what? Petal comes over and gives me the most lovely, thank you for all you help mummy, kiss on the face and wakes me right up.

will post photos tomorrow

pixie's mum
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Re: Puppy boom - lots of lovely new doodles recently

Post by pixie's mum » 08 Nov 2012, 09:11

SSHHHHHhhhhh - I hope this post doesn't wake you !
It will all be worthwhile when they settle a bit and they sound absolutley lovely
cant wait for the photo's
ps - you are doing brilliantly by the way - a very caring doodle mum

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Re: Puppy boom - lots of lovely new doodles recently

Post by Markt3857 » 08 Nov 2012, 09:37

Must be worth all those sleepless nights for the wonderful 9 puppies you now have....and glad Petal came through it all ok. That was nice of her giving that thank you wasn't it even if it did wake you again ! :lol:

Hope to see some pics of them all soon
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Re: Puppy boom - lots of lovely new doodles recently

Post by AMBERDOODLE » 08 Nov 2012, 20:28

Hi Michala. Congratulations :mrgreen: 9 puppies! You will be busy. I know how you feel!. My new bed is the sofa too, hubby on nights this week so not much help there!. I drift in and out of sleep at night and get up frequently to move a crying trapped pup that has managed to get stuck under rails behind mums bottom and can't get out, or to sort out fighting over teats and make sure 2 little one's get their share.
Constantly worrying about them. Had an episode this morning of them all crying and was trying to work out what was wrong. It turned out they were too hot so reduced the heat.
I bet that was nice - your girl giving you a loving kiss as they have such sweet breath at the moment :wink:

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Re: Puppy boom - lots of lovely new doodles recently

Post by helenahigson » 09 Nov 2012, 15:05

:D I know how you feel. :D I had 12!! Felt like I had been hit by a plane/train/ bus all at once :!: As you rightly say it's the tree or so nights before labour you are awake for then the whole night of stage 1 of labour then all the next morning labour :!: And it goes on!! I lost weight and aged 10 years in the first week!! But all worth it in the end :D Good luck hunny and where you can make sure puppies are wrapped up warm away from mum in a safe crate so you all get a few hours of much needed sleep!! oh and the occasional shower :lol: Can't wait to see your pics. Mine have all gone to their new homes. If you want to see mine at any time (helena higson) fb also Bailey and Coco's family. :D

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Re: Puppy boom - lots of lovely new doodles recently

Post by Liz!! » 11 Nov 2012, 01:02

Gordon Bennet... so can you recommend this method of wight loss or not? I mean losing weight has to be good but not of you age ten years, LOL!

Looking forward to seeing all these photos, along with all these others, congratulations, all!
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