Doodle snobs!?!

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Doodle snobs!?!

Post by Ianto! » 23 Jun 2013, 19:28

Hi everyone,
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but...
just recently I've met a few 'Doodle Snobs'! (I know, I can't believe they exist :( )
When I asked a woman if her dog was a 'doodle she replied, LABRAdoodle... as if it matters.
Then yesterday at Dogs Unleashed in Bakewell another woman asked if Ianto was a Miniature. When I said Yes, she said hers was a Miniature and thought mine as a Medium... I didn't realise there was a heirarchy!! Aren't they all different and all the more wonderful for that? Apparently hers was an F1 and therefore, in her eyes, superior. :roll:
I guess Doodles can't help who their adoptive families are.... :lol:
Anne x

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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by hockborn » 23 Jun 2013, 19:33

Don't worry there are no doodle snobs on here and my mummy just calls us 3 the doods. Only thing though at meals she wants us to eat with a knife and fork but I find this really difficult as I keep dropping my napkin :lol: :lol: :lol:

Louis the goldendood!!

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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by jackieholmes19 » 23 Jun 2013, 20:02

I met a lady with a whippet x poodle yesterday - and she called her a doodle :D it was the cutest little dog AND had the doodle springy legs and she doodle dashed! :lol:
Jackie & Bella



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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by casa42 » 23 Jun 2013, 20:11

If it makes you feel any better I have a mini/medium F1 and have been told she "is not a proper labradoodle as she doesn't have a fleece coat". As far as I am concerned my labradoodle is the most inproper dog I have ever owned :lol:
Cate and Coco



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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by julieju » 23 Jun 2013, 20:22

People are unbelievable! I've ranted on here before about this... our dogs are sort of like our children to a lot of us (I have children so I know it's not quite the same :lol: but you know what I mean) and it's sooo rude to make mean comments about them :shock: :shock:

They are dogs, they are ALL lovely!

I save people the bother these days, when asked I say he's 'just' a cross but we love him. :D :D

Julie and Aero xx


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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by iwantadog » 23 Jun 2013, 20:36

My first experience of meeting another doodle owner (4 years ago) was at dog training claases, where i was told that Murphy was definitely not a labradoodle. She was a really snotty labradoodle breeder, she was adamant that murph was not a doodle, and told me so in a very loud voice so everyone else around heard :evil:


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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by shellsie » 24 Jun 2013, 00:01

Labradoodles come in all shapes and sizes and I love meeting them all. There is a guy I bump into who is a Doodle snob but I just chuckle at him really as I don't think he actually realizes he does it. Some people are very rude though and there's no need for that whatsoever. Like Julie has said, our dogs are like our children and it's very upsetting when people say nasty things about them. :( :(


Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by beeeerock » 24 Jun 2013, 01:15

We call Bodhi our 'over-priced mutt'... one has to wonder how a doodle snob can really pull it off because I'm quite sure if they went to a dog show with REAL breeders :roll: they would but put in their place rather quickly. Because really, the doodles aren't a true breed but rather a popular hybrid. So you're always going to get fleecy coats, flat coats and everything in between. The strength of their 'breed' (now I'm suggesting they're actually a true breed! - LOL) is the fact that they have a diverse background and aren't the result of generations and generations of inbreeding. When labradoodle and goldendoodle breeders start trying to work towards a formal size, coat, stature etc. we'll be in trouble. I have to wonder if the 'Australian Labradoodle' is already headed in that direction... and before long will want formal recognition...?

We based our puppy selection on the size and personality of the parents. The rest is a crap shoot and we're just fine with that!

Doodle Dee
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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by Doodle Dee » 24 Jun 2013, 07:01

thank goodness never come across this -I only get good feedback but maybe cos she is an F1 (inly joking honest but obviously not a proper one cos she is a mini :D :D :D

Some people - I can't believe people have the audacity to question our doodles - still here on this forum we know they are in the highest category what ever "F"s they are
Lulu & Dx


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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by blueboysgirl » 24 Jun 2013, 07:51

I get a lot of comments about Bruno.
"what is he?"
"He's a Labradoodle"
"Really? I thought they were supposed to be curly"
"Some are, but mine's a 50/50 cross"
"Oh, so he's just a cross really then ...."
"Still, they don't shed do they?"
"Yes, a lot do, and he does"
" Oh, shame"

But, having said that, a Doodle owner will always spot him from a far, and come to say "Hello Doodle" :D
So, at least I know he looks a bit like one ..... (whatever "one" is supposed to look like :lol: )
Claire and Bruno

pixie's mum
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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by pixie's mum » 24 Jun 2013, 10:08

Dear Ianto
sorry we missed you at Bakewell yesterday - pixie and Jazz would have loved to say hello and give doodly kisses.
I met a couple of doodles on the Saturday (Archie and Oscar) who were lovely and there was no snobbery at all. They came and watched Pixie doing flyball which was nice and we will meet again at doodlefest (where we can chat more)
My two gilrs couldn't be more different in size, coat and temprement and I love them both dearly - it's the differences that make the doodles not the sameness of 'pedigree' breeds.
In saying that I have had a GSD, dobermann, rhodesian ridgeback, and a bull mastiff before the doods and loved each of them dearly too but I did have some idea of what my pup would grow into because of the breed standards - the absolute joy of the doods is that you really just dont know because of the mixed parentage (not to mention their parents and back lines).
I'm so proud of their individuality and differences and just how intelligent they really are

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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by loubyloufa » 24 Jun 2013, 11:03

I too have experienced snobbery. Sybil is a beautiful F1b curly black small Dood, not a mini or a medium but in between and I was told she isn't a proper labradoodle as she is too small!!!!!!! Cor blimey do these people not realize that with a Dood you just don't know what you're getting until they get there!

Lou n Sybs

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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by suebedo » 24 Jun 2013, 11:13

Not found any snobbery yet thank goodness - most of the comments have been about shedding (and surprise when I say that mine don't yet but that that is just chance and who knows what will happen when they are fully grown). They also think that little Flo is a cocker poo as she is so tiny in comparison with Fozz - they are then shocked to hear that he is only 7 months and she is only 4 months old.

Yesterday we met some lovely doodles at Black Park. We had just persuaded Fozzie to leave his beloved water and were leaving to walk back to the car when we came across a number of dogs, some doodles some others (but real powder puff coats) of all different sizes and colours. One was a café au lait colour that was just beautiful. Lovely friendly people out walking their 4 legged children happy to say nice things about my two :D :D :D

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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by JeanG » 24 Jun 2013, 12:38

jackieholmes19 wrote:I met a lady with a whippet x poodle yesterday - and she called her a doodle :D it was the cutest little dog AND had the doodle springy legs and she doodle dashed! :lol:
If you see it again please take a photo on your phone!!! My friend (who has 3 whippets) and I have often wondered what the result would have been like as her boy Milo is always trying to have his wicked way with Bella! :lol: (even though she's spayed! :roll: )

Never met any doodle snobs yet! Hope I never do! :shock:
Jean & Bella xxx

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Re: Doodle snobs!?!

Post by molsp » 24 Jun 2013, 14:05

All the peeps on our walk are pretty good - no snobbery that I'm ware of in MK (well certainly in woughton on the green and the lakes where we walk) .

Maybe we should do a poll and see which towns / counties are the most dogscriminating :lol:


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