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Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never said!

Posted: 18 Aug 2014, 17:00
by michelle81
I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment (I'm in between jobs for the next couple of weeks) so I decided to do a little detective work (i.e. a lot of Googling) and try to find out a bit more about Monty.

As you might have read, I joined this forum for advice on adopting Monty and I've been floored by the amount of support I've received by people here and on the Friends of the Doodle Trust FB group. I was obviously worried about adopting a labradoodle with zero experience of the breed (I've always had small, utility dogs), especially since he had had a very shaky start to his life.

Monty is the first dog I've adopted. Growing up, we always raised dogs from puppies and my parents were shocked when I told them I was adopting an adult dog from the Dogs Trust. The first thing said was, "You don't know what you are getting." Which is actually very true. Monty had bitten a child (although, the jury is still out on what actually happened), was deaf and we were told that he was easily stressed and skittish around kids. This is what we were expecting. What we got was a calm, responsive, playful, gentle dog who is smart and so eager to please that he's instantly became a hit with my parents and my husband's family.

Anyway, Monty's been with us for three weeks. The Dogs Trust gave us all the information that they had but I wanted to find out his real birthdate. We have an estimated one and that's fine but, and I know this sounds weird, I felt that knowing when and where he was born would be something nice and solid and positive to know about his past. I started Googling labradoodle breeders to see if any of the litters matched his estimated DOB (none of them did). I then just started googling his previous name with the words "deaf" and "labradoodle".

I found a FB community called Moss the Wonder Dog. My dog has a FB page! You would think he would've mentioned it ;).

The FB page detailed his life from April to June of this year. It speaks of his misbehaviour both in the house and outside, made a passing reference to the incident with the child and mentioned his interview with the Scottish Mail on Sunday and his appearance in Phil Spencer: Secret Agent.

It also gave me his first name: Maxi. There's a post on the rehoming part of this forum from November 2012 that draws attention to Maxi's page at the West Calder Dogs Trust. Googling "Maxi", "labradoodle" and "deaf" is a bit of a dead end so I'll get back to when he was Moss.

Moss was adopted from the West Calder Dog's Trust by an Edinburgh family. I found a pic from when they first adopted him (I've removed what I assume is their child from the pic):


There are some other pics and videos of him on the FB page.

I haven't managed to find the article in the Sunday Mail but I did find one report of the incident where he "attacked" a child: ... -1-6534364

I can't believe how awful that reporting is - nowhere does it mention that Moss was: 1) sleeping under a table 2) deaf and 3) petted by a strange child without her asking permission of his owners (these facts were in the police report). The child had no injuries and the police were satisfied that Moss was surprised and jumped up, knocking the child over then stood on her, rather than "savaged" her. He's a big dog (35kg!) so being stood on by him is enough to cause a red mark and, in my case, a lovely black bruise :).

Anyway, after that, the previous family tried to take him for training and also got a dog walker in a couple of times a week. I don't think he was getting out much at all, which also explains why he is so excited when we take him for his walks each day. He could only do "sit" and "paw" when we got him so I think their attempt at training must've been a bit half-hearted. In the last three weeks, we've taught him "come", "down", "jump up" and "quiet" as well as teaching him signs for "good boy", "walk" and "ball". Why my husband taught him "jump up" is a mystery to me.

As well as being in the Sunday Mail, his previous family took part in Phil Spencer: Secret Agent. The episode is being aired on the 26th August at 1.40pm on Ch 4 (it's Series 7, Episode 4). We don't have a TV so I've asked my mother in law to record it for us.

So, there we are, (Maxi Moss) Monty has had an interesting, if a bit turbulent, short life.

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 18 Aug 2014, 17:32
by linny
He has certainly had an interesting start to his young life !
So pleased that he has at last found a family who clearly understand him. Wishing him a long and happy life with you. :D :D
He will bring so much to your lives .....enjoy !

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 18 Aug 2014, 18:14
by Curious George
I have loved following maxi, Moss, Monty's storey. It's so nice he has found his forever home now. I am shocked but in a way not over surprised at the newspaper. They have got to make a storey sound extreme! I hope all the good training continues and Monty is now a happy settled doodle.

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 18 Aug 2014, 19:39
by Helen & Rigby
Bless him, he has been a busy boy! I'm so glad he has you now :D

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 18 Aug 2014, 20:23
by Manda64
Minty sounds like a lovely dog. I'm glad that he's now found his forever home. :)

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 18 Aug 2014, 22:59
by Ianto!
michelle, you are a woman after my own heart! That's something I would've done (remember I tracked him to West Calder :oops: :oops: ).... It's brilliant to be able to find out about your dood. I've had a rescue in the past and will always wonder about his previous life... (his love of mobility scooters, for instance, and Chinese food... :roll: )

How disgraceful to portray an extremely one-sided view of what happened just for sensation! I always have to wonder about the truth of any story when people are pictured with their 'look what happened to poor me!' face on... :( I wonder if that woman has finally managed to teach her child never to approach dogs she doesn't know and touch them with asking first?? :twisted:

I did stop and ask, 'Jump Up?' :? as I read your post... :lol: typical man, mine is the same... Monty will be having to give autographs at Scottish Doodle Day at this rate - bet he up-stages Phil! Must see if I can record that one!!

Bless the lad - he's safe now - and you can always get busy writing his life story, there should be plenty of happier episodes in future :D

Anne & Ianto x
Edited to add: There are some lovely photos of him on there to treasure. x

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 00:48
by michelle81
Well, this explains why Monty doesn't like blonde girls. He was approached a couple of weeks ago by a 7 or 8 year old girl with blonde hair who wanted to pet him but he was barking and straining at his leash to get away. Unprovoked my ass.

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 06:52
by swardie
Michelle, like you, I don't believe for a second this was unprovoked, but I do believe that's there's a lot of sad acts out there who court publicity! And don't get me started on the Scottish Sunday Mail - it's a comic!!

Lovin' Monty's modesty, tho :D x

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 07:33
by Doodle Dee
I can see a book being written

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 16:57
by Rachelhodgkins
In regards to the info in the paper. I try my hardest to teach my kids not to touch dogs that they do not know. My daughter was bitten badly (Drew blood) by a family Labrador (your big black dog) and has never shown any hesitation in regards to dogs large or small. We just been trying to teach her how to act sometimes especially young children think they are being kind (kisses and cuddles) when in fact this can be very stressful for a dog that may not be used to this direct invasion of a small child. In our case the bite was what we thing was unprovoked as I was sat with her and we were stroking the dog when it just turned and bit her hand. But you never know the dog may have been remembering a time when my daughter had caused her stress and she probably wouldn't have listened to warning signals previously. Thanks to funny you tube videos my daughter thinks that dogs showing teeth are smiling and growling is a funny noise a dog makes. She is being re educated

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 23:02
by Ianto!
Hi Rachel,
Firstly, I'm so sorry that your daughter had such a bad experience - but am glad to hear that it hasn't put her off dogs! My dood is black and I've lost count of the number of people who say, "My dog doesn't like black dogs!" Black dogs have a long way to go before they achieve equality, methinks...! (Hence when a new black dood is introduced on the forum, I'm there! :roll: )

Our doodles are so attractive to children, they can't help but be drawn to them - we just have to be extra vilgilant to protect them, and the child... I took Ianto out to Costa in Heeley, Sheffield today (socialisation, plus a coffee for me, win/win... :roll: ) and a little girl wanted to say Hello - but, as with many children who aren't really used to dogs, she held her hands up when he approached her. I always ensure he keeps his paws on the floor... but it's difficult when they do this. It's a question of educating children how to behave with dogs, as much as teaching a dog how to behave with children...

Some kids just know how to behave around them - we had a rescue in our family when I was about 3 or 4 and I was never frightened of, or by, him even though many adults were... There are 'doggy people' and 'non-doggy people'. We just need to protect our dogs - when they look like walking teddy bears it's up to us to make sure it doesn't get them into trouble not of their own making...

I hope your daughter is able to get past her previous experience and learn to respect and love all dogs - her life will be all the richer for it.

Anne & Ianto xx

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 23:14
by Rachelhodgkins
Thank you I'm just lucky that she a very confident ( maybe bit too much sometimes lol) we have a 15 week pup and she's been great following my rules which are no going in the dogs room. We have a very large pantry which we have took off the door replaced with a gate and this is the dogs room and is out of bounds to the kids as is their rooms to the dog. That way lottie knows she has a safe place if it all gets bit much. No playing tug or playing dog with the dog. At 3 years of age my little girl enjoys playing of lol

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 21 Aug 2014, 00:50
by Mollysmom
I agree that their are people that are just good from the day they are born with dogs and all animals and then there are others that can learn to be good with them and some that animals clearly don't like. I have seen it time and time again. Animals know who is good and who is not. They are impathic A child should be taught as a toddler not to go up to a strange dog unless they ask the owner if its OK. And they should also be taught how to approach a dog. After they have asked if it OK. I'm sure Monty was probably startled by the child and it was just a reflex because he didn't hear her coming.. Its sad that a dog minding his own business has to endure bad publicity. Just because the child wasn't taugh5 how to approach a strange dog and too always ask the owner if its OK first. I'm so happy Monty has found a forever family that is willing to put in the time to make his life wonderful.. Keep up the updates I love to read all about how his new life is going.

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 21 Aug 2014, 11:57
by michelle81
They say that the big, black dogs are the ones who wait longest to be rehomed, which is a shame.

I think some people find it easier to terrify their children into not touching dogs (like stranger danger) rather than teach them the proper way to approach and ask to touch a dog.

Re: Doggy Detective Work - my dog is famous but he never sai

Posted: 21 Aug 2014, 12:30
by Rachelhodgkins
That's such a shame that something like colour can make re homing harder and not the character. Think it's the same for cats. We have a black cat and he's beautiful :D .

I too have heard ppl say oh my dog doesn't like black dogs ( our last fostered dog was a black lab) they were always westies lol.