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Post by Rachelhodgkins » 16 May 2015, 21:33

I am a member of some Facebook pet sale things. From when I was after Some new fish.I am astounded by the number of ppl either buying puppies for their kids or selling dogs their kids don't bother with anymore. Then to top it off at my kids swimming lessons was talking to a parent who had just brought their 5 year old a new puppy. I don't understand them my 7 year old son does have a pet that's his responsibility a hamster he just about manages to do what he has to with the occasional nag from me. So I don't understand how a child is capable with the responsibility, my son isn't even allowed out on his own. This puppy was generally for her.the mom was saying it will teach her how to look after something other than her self, at five a child can barely look after themselves. Then she went on saying if she doesn't look after it is told her I'll take it to the rescue centre to find a new home. Luckily my son lesson finished then and excused myself before I lost my rag.

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Re: rant

Post by suebedo » 17 May 2015, 07:25

Very sad. i always made sure I never made a threat / promise I couldn't keep. Either the child will learn that mum doesn't mean what she says OR the poor dog will end up in a rescue. Pets do teach children an incredible amount about a whole range of really important life skills. They always remain the responsibility of the adult .

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Re: rant

Post by Molmil » 17 May 2015, 10:27

I never understand how people can treat animals like that. I always had pets as a child and my girls have always had them. Our house is a bit like a petting zoo, but I have taught them that if you take on a responsibility, you've taken it on and you don't get rid of them just because it's hard work. I've also had a rule that we don't have any pet that I don't want to look after, sorry snake owners! It does teach them care, compassion and gives them a friend in a different way to humans, but telling them you'll get rid of it doesn't teach them any of those! Especially when they're too young anyway! Honestly.....

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Re: rant

Post by linny » 17 May 2015, 13:23

It never ceases to amaze me at how irresponsible some people can be :(
How on earth someone can expect a five year old to take responsibility for a puppy is beyond me :shock:
Pups are hard work for an adult let alone a child.
I'm not at all surprised by this sort of behaviour .....our sanctuary is full of peoples bad ideas. :x

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