what to do when bitch comes into season.

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what to do when bitch comes into season.

Post by Rachelhodgkins » 22 May 2015, 23:24

Lottie want due for her season for another 2 months and was booked into having her spayed in a week and she has started showing swelling of her vulva. I know the vet is going to say no as they check for signs of season before I as they don't do it when in season or imminent for complication reasons. Now we resenting acquired a male dog who is 5 months old now I'm panicking as to what I am going to do when she comes into season. Will he be interested in her? I know some ppl must on here must have un altered pairing how do you cope? Do heat pants stop the deed from happening as long as they are constantly supervised which they are at mo as they are still settling. Could having a unique neutered male in the house made her season more forthcoming?

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Re: what to do when bitch comes into season.

Post by canteron » 18 Jun 2015, 14:00

I think I would be asking my vet for advice ...... its one you really don't want to get wrong!

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