Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

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Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by nially07 » 01 Jun 2015, 14:09

Hi everyone! New to the forum and looking for a bit of advice.

My partner and I live in a large apartment (2nd floor), with large parks locally but no private garden.

Having grown up with Labradors, I'm getting to the stage where I would really like to own a dog again. Labradoodle was one option that we both massively agreed on. However, i'm not sure how they would cope living in an apartment? It's likely we would walk the dog morning and evening, but we also work business hours (which would leave the dog unattended from 9-5).

With the very brief information, is it fair on the dog to have it in an apartment? How long can they be left unattended? We have an option of family to drop by at lunch times, or renting a dog walker during the week if that's an issue but curious how they would cope.

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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by swardie » 01 Jun 2015, 15:27

Hi, and welcome. I've no doubt you'll get varying opinions , but my view is that living in an apartment isn't necessarily an issue ( but Toilet training a puppy on the second floor could be tricky, but not impossible). However it could take you a couple of weeks to properly house train ( no doubt you could book leave), or maybe longer, depending on when the ' penny drops ' with your puppy. Re working full time - labradoodles are very loving dogs, and need people, so a dog walker, family , whatever, would be essential, IMO. Also, any dog would find it hard to go for 8 hours without a pee or poo. ( I couldn't, tbh)

Perhaps a smaller dog might suit your lifestyle better?

Best wishes, Sandie and Dex Dood. X

pixie's mum
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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by pixie's mum » 01 Jun 2015, 16:20

Hi there
Welcome to the forum. I have a standard doodle and a miniature doodle too so very lucky indeed. When both were pups we probably had the coldest And wettest weather for years and it was no fun standing in the garden for ages every hour or so toilet training but it was only an open door away. I'm not saying it's not possible in a flat but much more difficult. I would say your working hours are more of a problem as any self respecting doodle would become very bored and disruptive and probably very noisy on the neighbours too. A dog walker or carer may alleviate this somewhat but it's not the best situation. There are doodle owners in apartments so it can work but as I say 9-5 is the bigger issue.
I hope you can work something out as doodle ownership is fabulous - good luck

Doodle Dee
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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by Doodle Dee » 01 Jun 2015, 16:51

I think I agree that 8 hours is an awful long time for a bigger dog (although before I was a good dog owner I was a rotten one and used to leave my dogs for hours - although he did have a cat flap)

I think Lulu would go ape if I left her that long - I have inadvertently but it was only a one or two off.

Also pups are very destructive and if bored may be more destructive

That being said - if you had labradors in the apartment it may be that you know all about that.

My daughter has a jackabee that is slowly destroying her doors as it hates being left alone. She does get a dog walker and that helps if he gets a really good run.

Again I left Lulu with some friends who had a labrador that was on the second floor and it was no problem at all, so I doubt it is the apartment, it is just the long hours of separation.

Good luck in your quest - the dood is a lovely dog but well bouncy and loving
Lulu & Dx


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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by Liz!! » 01 Jun 2015, 17:32

It really does depend on the dog, but on the whole labradoodles are people dogs, of two working breeds, which means they need stimulation and they need company.

Lola is an Aussie doodle, only 14 inches, but likes an hour walk a day.

When they need a wee or poo you have seconds really to get them into the garden. I think that would be tricky. Puppies need almost constant attention for a least a couple of months.

A TV programme was made not long ago where they took blood tests of dogs to see how stressed they were when their owners went out.

Even the dogs that seemed fine had greatly increased stress hormones. Even if they don't gnaw, cry, howl or bark, they can still be very stressed.

If you think about it, 'coping' isn't really what you want, you want your dog to have an enjoyable life.

I'd definitely go down the route of a dog walker, but even better, doggy day care - I know someone with a lab in daycare, they send photos through of him having a fine old time.
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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by suebedo » 01 Jun 2015, 20:26

I agree with most of the replies. We have 2 standard sized doodles and we both work full time. When they were puppies, I was at home all the time so got through the puppy training days.

You rarely see anyone on here (unless they regularly have new puppies) who is fully prepared for how tiring a new puppy is - I found it much much harder than babies! You will be going to work sleep deprived and coming home to a bored, restless puppy with poo and wee everywhere, every night.

We have a dog walker who walks them both for at least an hour every day. It costs £75 per week. You are likely to be paying around £50 for one dog.

I don't think the size of the dog matters, they all need attention and someone around during the day.

We are selling up and downsizing. The major reason for this is I want a life where at least one of us can be at home with the dogs during the day. We have chosen to look after them, it is important to me that we make their life the best it can be.

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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by Bid » 01 Jun 2015, 22:08

I know people who have dogs with no garden, and they get up to walk the dog really early, and the dogs get 4 walks a day, so it can be done, but not I think if you are working full time. It's not so bad in the summer when you could have a dog walker during the day, and do morning and evening walks, but in the winter when it will be dark before and after work it will become difficult.

One problem that I am not sure how you would get round it that of the night-time tummy upsets. It doesn't happen often, but when it does you get that urgent bark that says I need to go out and I need to go NOW! That could be tricky.
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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by Pollydoodle » 01 Jun 2015, 23:37

Life is full of compromises , if you are longing for a dog, err move ! :roll: :lol: You'll notice its a trend on here so beware :wink:
Jokes aside , guess you need to ask yourselves why you both really want a dog in the first place.
What about an older dog or taking a friends dog for a walk on the weekends. I know a few folks who do that ,it suits all involved and the dog loves it. Personally I did not get a dog until I could be at home a great deal.
Does your work allow for flexibke working ie from home some of the time
Just some thoughts from the peanut gallery this side.

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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by Bid » 02 Jun 2015, 08:03

That's just what I did - I had a long period in my life with no dog due to long working days, and then we rehomed an older dog and got a dog walker in. It wasn't until OH was in a job where he was popping home a few times a day that we could have a puppy again, and I took a career break for a few years when the rest of them came long!
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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by dexysback » 02 Jun 2015, 08:57

We have just moved from house to a flat ,and even though I have a back door and communal garden ,its hard not to be able to let out in a garden .But my dog is 5 on sat and a lazy type ,but we do walk him 3 times a day, I think its good that you are thinking about it and what's best for dog .The thing I don't like is to think he would be on he's own that long and to have to hold itself, If you could get a walker or even afford a pet sitter that would be much easier .If you decide not to go ahead and really miss a dog ,why don't you take someone dog out for walks ,who cant or even pet sit at weekends ,its not the same but a solution.

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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by jonb » 02 Jun 2015, 09:15

We both work full time but fortunately i'm not far from work so i nip home at lunchtime for my lunch hour so Roker is never on his own for more than around 4hrs and thankfully he appears to have taken to it fine. He generally gets a good walk in the morning then one after work and he has a good run of the downstairs of the house to occupy himself during the day.

I'm fairly sure that if it wasnt for the fact i'm able to go home at lunchtime we'd have been able to get Roker. My dad is able to help out on odd occasions if for some reason i'm not able to nip home but there is no way he could do every working day of the week so we'd have to look at a dog walker or doggy day care and then the expense of that starts building up.

We've got an issue soon where we are having some fairly hefty building works done and we're going to have to come up with a plan for getting Roker out of the way each day. It looks like hopefully my mum and dad will have him at their house most of the time which has a nice big enclosed garden for him to play in but we are going to have to cost in the price of doggy day care now and then to the price of the work we are having done.

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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by thepadster » 02 Jun 2015, 09:36

We got Paddy when I was working from home most of the time so he had loads of attention and I had plenty of time to devote to all the puppy things. Recently that changed and I am office based a lot more now. MY husband and I have weekly meetings to arrange Paddy's care/walks for the coming week. I have an army of dog walkers, some paid, some friends/family to ensure that Paddy never misses out on exercise and company. He's only ever left on his own for a couple of hours at a time. I couldn't bear it any other way.

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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by Curious George » 02 Jun 2015, 15:50

We both work full time now, but when we got George I was at home for the first 6 months which meant I could get him into a routine and settle him in. He needed a lot of time and attention as a puppy and is a real live wire and a clever chap, I don't think we could have managed that if we were both working full time then. We would love to get another one now but we have said its not fair until one of us is at home more again. Hopefully won't be too long!

George has a dog walker at lunch times which costs us £35 a week, well worth it in my opinion. We also walk him most mornings and every evening, if not a walk in the morning he gets play time with us, which generally means getting up at 5.30/6am every day, even when its dark, raining and cold! It is very useful having a garden you can run around with him in and chuck a ball though. I also do agility and obedience training with him and he goes most places with us, we always go to dog friendly pubs and days out when possible.

It was a lifestyle change for us, but one we were very willing to do. If we do go out in an evening where he can't come he goes to his 'grandparents' house. :lol:

I don't know if that helps with your decision, but I think it would be difficult having a doodle puppy in a flat and when you work full time. I remember multiple occasions during toilet training running out the back door with George continuing to wee everywhere!
Rhea & George



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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by Maisy12 » 02 Jun 2015, 20:53

Hi, having a puppy/new doggy is just like having a baby, i would suggest definitely taking a couple of weeks off work at least to stay at home with the doodle for them to get use to you and its surroundings. I work in a school so i had Easter off which is when we got Maisy she was 15 weeks when we got her, so not as young as some puppies. Once i went back to work luckily my mum is able to go home for lunchtimes to be with Maisy to walk / play with her, also my stepdad is freelance so he often was at home. If it wasn't for them id feel so guilty leaving MAisy at home all day i couldnt do it. Like others have said psychologically its not good for them , dogs get anxious and it can cause problems, behavioural, destroying the house etc. puppies especially need mental stimulation and lots of attention, to leave them at home all day is rather cruel especially big dogs as they need lots of walks, lots of workers like myself have jobs, i guess either doggy day care (i pay around £17 a day) or to have someone come to walk your dog at lunchtime for an hour (about £10-15) are possible options. As for living in a 2nd floor flat... my dog often barks when she needs the loo and as a puppy up to about 6 months this was quite a lot in the night! like a baby would wake you up crying, therefore you would have to be prepared for the walking to the grass area outside of the flats in your pyjamas at numerous times in the night and throughout the day. From around 6 months/1 year onwards Maisy didnt need the loo so much in the night it was just before bed then in the morning when i got ready for work so you shouldnt need to go out so much in your pjs once theyre older. Also dogs when left alone tend to whine, bark when they hear things, not sure how thin your walls are in the flat? if solid then you shouldnt have any complaining neighbours. I would say Maisy is fine being left alone for a few hours but any longer and she eats everything, carpet, cushions, socks, etc to tell me once I arrive how upset she was that i left her for so long, therefore i dont leave her for longer than a few hours at a time, i would take her to doggy day care if i had to. I hope this advice helps. Having a doodle is like having a baby, if not more hard work since you have to walk them everyday a few times a day at least, and have to let them wee outside -no pyjama days for you! i miss those lol. :D I would definitely borrow a dog for the weekend and see how you get on! Good luck and let us know how you get on xx
Claire & Maisy

Sandy B
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Re: Could use some advice from Labradoodle owners...

Post by Sandy B » 02 Jun 2015, 21:36

Doods are very sociable dogs, they love company and while we all have to leave our doods on their own sometimes I have to be honest and say I think it would be unkind to leave a dog on its own all day. I will probably get shot down but I think dogs should only be left for a few hours at a time on their own. Just think how bored it would get, not to mention lonely. As people have mentioned what if it cries all day and neighbours complained ? Then what ? You may face having to rehome a dog you have grown to love. Sorry if this sounds harsh but it is my honest opinion. The thought of my Dolly being on her own all day every day breaks my heart. But at the end of the day it is your decision and I think its great you have asked other dood owners what they think.
Sandra & Dolly xx

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