Fear becomes reality.

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Re: Fear becomes reality.

Post by Ianto! » 28 Jul 2015, 15:11

Hi Helen,

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stir things up... my 'scientific' research was conducted with the grand total of precisely one subject... (to wit, our Iant!) But we did used to have quite a submissive border collie when I was younger - he was entire, and especially as he got older was often targeted by other entire males.

I know what you mean about having Rig neutered - I thought I was fine when Ianto was booked in for his op, but I did miss his bobbles after it was done, I'd kinda got used to seeing them... :( I'm not sure how I'm going to feel when Wyre has to go for it... :? Having previously adopted two older dogs, both of whom were found to have testicular cancer, my vet now plays on this and says that this is one cancer that my wee doodle won't be in danger of developing...

I hope Rigby is recovering well now and that it hasn't affected his confidence. Perhaps your OH could check out the park (without Rig) and see if he can identify the culprits? It may help the dog warden to stop this kind of attack happening to any other dog... Several locals here made complaints about the aggressive dog which tried to get at Iant (it actually got hold of, and bit, a couple of dogs) and it is now very much under control - and so is the owner...

Anne, Ianto & Wyre xx

Helen & Rigby
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Re: Fear becomes reality.

Post by Helen & Rigby » 29 Jul 2015, 19:42

I spoke to the vet about Rigby's baubles, he can see why I've kept them and thinks it would be best to see a behaviourist first to assess the behaviour. He said, like me, I wouldn't want to whip them off and him lose his confidence, what bit he has, and make him worse. So I'll be doing that.

Thanks henrythetux, I usually carry water but hadn't thought of that. I think it would help to have plans in place. :D

Don't worry anne, you didn't stir anything! :D

Rigby was more like himself yesterday, but very quiet and sleepy today. Back to the vet on Friday. Xx

Sue Carr
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Re: Fear becomes reality.

Post by Sue Carr » 04 Aug 2015, 19:36

How awful for poor Rigby,we hope he gets well soon .

These bigger dogs seem to be more unpredictable lately, I had a similar run in with an Akita albeit it was on a lead and as we walked past it lunged at Lotti and caught her side on. She screamed and although I checked her over there and then it wasn't till I got her home did I see the nick in her skin.

I have to say that im becoming more wary when im out with the dogs now


Helen & Rigby
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Re: Fear becomes reality.

Post by Helen & Rigby » 06 Aug 2015, 13:48

It's such a shame isn't it Sue, I hope lottie is ok. It just spoils what should be an enjoyable walk.

Rigby had his stitches out yesterday so could go back to the park but I just can't face it, so have been road walking him. He is definitely more nervous and he was nervous anyway! He jumped out of his skin today at what turned out to be a hydrangea!


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Re: Fear becomes reality.

Post by Manda64 » 06 Aug 2015, 16:44

Flint sends Rigby lots of healing licks and dood hugs. X

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