Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

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Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by Blayedrunner » 06 Aug 2015, 18:38

Hi again, everyone seems so nice!!!! Dexter is due home in 2 1/2 weeks, we go see him this Sunday as the days seem to be taking forever. Anyway I wanted to ask some advice.

People have mention citronella???? I know its a essential oil, how does one use it? Also any other secrets i need to know. Basis tricks of the trade to a happy puppy and household. Have booked puppy training lessons already so think I will have that covered.

All help is much appreciated :)

Helen & Rigby
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Re: Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by Helen & Rigby » 06 Aug 2015, 19:58


I can't help with the citronella, but as far as a happy puppy is concerned, it's very much like raising children. Lots of love and patience, reward the good, try to ignore the bad. Consistency and routine help. Any tricky bits are a phase and will pass.

Some really good positive trainers on YouTube are Zac George, kikopup, and victoria Stilwell.

Most of all, enjoy! :D

Doodle Dee
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Re: Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by Doodle Dee » 06 Aug 2015, 20:44

Totally agree with Helen and Rigby - consistency is of utmost importance. Start as you mean to go on. Keep calm

Citronella it is pained on woodwork if your dog is a chewer. I don't know whether Dexter will be crate trained or not. Lulu chewed all the woodwork and anything else she could get hold of. We painted citronella on the woodwork and it miraculously stopped. Whether it was coincidence I don't know but to me it worked.

Always reward Dexter whatever he does that is right. Remember also that treats form part of their food when they are puppies (and older)

Also they can be angels until 9 months (their teenage years) so don't worry and it is bad again at 18 months. But inbetween they are wonderful.

Good luck there will be lots of advice on here
Lulu & Dx


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Re: Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by Bid » 06 Aug 2015, 20:56

I painted citronella on allwoodwork that Beamish would have access to and the first thing he learned when he got here was that wood tastes nasty so he never chewed any - Poppy had chewed all the skirting boards and door frames when she was a pup!

One of your best training aids for your pup will be a puppy kong! You stuff them with tasty stuff and freeze them, and when you need your pup to settle you dig a magic kong out of the freezer and puppy settles down slurping - that's the plan anyway!
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Re: Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by Ianto! » 06 Aug 2015, 23:09

My absolute, most important tip would be - look into pet insurance before you get your puppy. We went for a Covered for Life policy, which provides year on year cover for any conditions (believe me, it can mount up!) Ordinary policies only cover the condition for one year... We have PetPlan, but there are other policies out there....

Get lots of sleep in the interim, just in case your pup doesn't want to sleep the night away.... All puppies are different. Our first, Ianto, was a very bitey little guy, who took against cushions, human flesh, the whole garden, electric wiring, his lovely fluffy puppy bed, my beauty sleep, walking on the lead, socks,... well, you get the picture... Our second doodle, Wyre, has been an absolute dream - no problems with biting, chewing, stealing, garden destruction... (in fact, I'm not sure he's actually a dood!! :wink: )

With Ianto, we had to - put all trailing wires into trunking, hide the cushions, remove all (remaining) treasured plants and plant pots, wear old clothes and hi-top trainers, stand outside in the freezing cold whilst he (finally) learned house-training (actually, that was just me!), grow eyes in the back of our heads, and get used to looking like we were survivors of a dreadful massacre with bruises and scabs on hands, arms and legs.... :shock:

With Wyre, we had to - pinch ourselves! :lol:

I don't know if it's the luck of the draw, or whether the G*d of Doodles took pity on us second time around... But one thing you will definitely need is 'a Good Sense of Humour'... :D

(Oh, and make sure you let your puppy off lead asap to instil a good Recall - I so wish someone had told me that!!)
Good Luck!

Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

Edited to add: Make sure your insurance is in place before you take Dexter for his first check with the vet.

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Re: Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by annvinton » 07 Aug 2015, 09:37

Don't know what use I will be .............. as Ben was one of the slept through the night, didn't howl, didn't chew kind of puppies. :D

But ............ the breeder had already started off in the right way. Puppies were put to bed at 10 p.m. with a treat and woken up at 7 a.m. again with a treat. ( I have kept up the treat giving as Ben then knows it's time for bed.)

I bought a "snuggle puppy" for Ben ........... it has a ticking heart and a hot bag inside to simulate a live puppy. The breeder also gave me a blanket and a toy which had all the smells of his mum and litter mates.

The first night (we didn't pick him up until the evening) I got up to go to the loo and actually looked into his room to see if he was OK as I couldn't understand the silence .............. and he was sound asleep!!

I think it must be the luck of the draw what kind of dood you get ............. but I must say that being at home all day helps and maybe the fact that I live alone ........... no mixed messages ....... what mum says goes!!!

Ann & Ben


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Re: Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by linny » 09 Aug 2015, 00:05

Like Ann I too had good pups that didn't cause too much hassle (Huggy being to exception :roll: ...but he came to us at 10 months and the damage of inconsistent routines had taken their toll :( )
As the others have said I believe that pups are like babies and small children who thrive on routine , consistent handling, training training and more training and.......... lots of love :)
Good luck with Dexter ...he's a lovely little chap and I'm sure he will bring you more joy than problems.

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Re: Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by PippaTheDoodle » 11 Aug 2015, 07:56

We picked our Pippa up one month ago today... Time flies so don't be wishing these next two weeks away hastily... Use it to do things which you might not be able to do so easy with an unvaccinated puppy as it's very much like having a new baby to us!

Pippa is a chewer. I got pet behave spray from pets at home and has citronella in. Couldn't find citronella on its own in supermarkets and this is £4 or so.

If you have a chance, buy the Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey on Amazon or eBay... Answers all of those what do I do now!!! Questions when training.

In terms of bedtime, we have a den which she goes into, still with trouble some nights depending on how tired she is. Pippa went for her first walk on Sunday and it has definitely mellowed her out and she is finally getting rid of that final bit of energy which running around in the garden like a looney still didn't get rid!

House training has just started to get better and we've had no accidents indoors for 5 days now, and she's getting better at taking herself off when the back door is open.

Not sure if you've had a puppy before, we are first time puppy pawrents and have a pussy cat and things are very different. I wouldn't change her for the world and every single bit of mischief she gets into, I just think how much fun she is having.

Enjoy him as time does goes really quickly! You will have moments which we are still having like what have we doneeeee! But I'm reassured by others that those will pass and it will pay off when they're older.

Looking forward to seeing pics!

Amanda x
Owner of Pippa the F5 Miniature Labradoodle in East Sussex

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Re: Help for a new puppy owner PLEASE....

Post by Doodle Dee » 12 Aug 2015, 07:30

Just a PS - you can get pure citronella on line or at a chemist.

How long now
Lulu & Dx


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