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Creatures of habit?

Posted: 22 Oct 2015, 07:30
by ChrissyD
I have to make an emergency dash back to the UK as my mother has just passed away. Our 7 month old choc labradood is going to be left in the hands of my two sons who are both at uni but in and out of the house all day. My boy has a fairly set routine and normally follows me around the house when he is not dozing or playing/out for a walk, and I am worried that the boys who are pretty chilled around him, will not adhere to his routine in any way shape or form for 2 weeks. Do you think that he will cope with me being away and the house descending into chaos? I haven't left him much before apart from a few hours each day when I am out running errands. I know dogs are adaptable and Luther is the most placid creature around but at 7 months, I assume that they will just feed and water him, play with him occasionally and let him sleep all evening because it suits them!

Reading back on this, it looks as though I am the one who needs to relax and take a break from it all - I guess I just want reassurance that things will slip back easily when I return home. Anyone else have to leave their puppies for any time? How was it?


Re: Creatures of habit?

Posted: 22 Oct 2015, 07:45
by Bid
So sorry to hear about your mother :-(

I have been on holiday and left my dogs at home with a dog sitter and they have always been fine - in fact I think they have a great time! I have been a nervous wreck, but they have been fine!

Re: Creatures of habit?

Posted: 22 Oct 2015, 10:22
by ChrissyD
Thank you
Unlike other Forums, this site only ever offers kind words and friendly advice. Maybe it's just the nature of Labradoodle owners!!!

Re: Creatures of habit?

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 08:09
by jackieholmes19
Sorry to hear about your mum X

I usually leave Bella with my two sons when I go on holiday. She always seems fine when I come home, and she is a typical velcro doodle! My boys are also in and out of the house all day, but she just chills in their bedrooms with them when they're home :D

Jackie X

Re: Creatures of habit?

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 10:44
by Ianto!
So sorry to hear that you lost your mum, Chrissy. x

Hopefully the lads will step up and make an extra effort to look after your pup, as a way of helping their own mum out... But dogs are very adaptable creatures - they soon accept a change in their situation. And think of the welcome you'll receive when you return home.

Anne, Ianto & Wyre x