Face pawing

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Re: Face pawing

Post by We5Kings » 04 Apr 2016, 17:30

Yes! I see it as a Bossy dog Ritual too! Today I saw them approaching, crossed to the opposite side of the lane, and said " We are not playing this game anymore and until you can train your dog out of that annoying habit me and Dude will be avoiding you! :evil: And her response? " Oh dear Dude you aren't allowed any more cuddles!" :roll: :roll: :roll: Anny

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Re: Face pawing

Post by Ianto! » 04 Apr 2016, 18:42

Don't leave it there, Anny...! What did you say to her?? I would have had to say something like, "You may not have noticed, but Dude doesn't like being pawed in the face by your dog..."
She is somewhat deluded, isn't she...

Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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