Bitches wee damaging grass

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Bitches wee damaging grass

Post by Debby » 10 Apr 2016, 23:28

Hi does anyone have a solution for preventing the grass discolouring (goes brown)where Willow urinates
Trying to encourage her to wait for her walks or go in other areas other than the lawn so far partially works but doesn't always
Doesn't bother me as much as my other half!!

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Re: Bitches wee damaging grass

Post by KatyM » 11 Apr 2016, 08:50

This really bothers my hubby. You can hose the site down straight after to dilute the acidity. I think you can also get a block that you put in their drinking water that neutralises their urine.

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Re: Bitches wee damaging grass

Post by Pollydoodle » 11 Apr 2016, 12:46

May try (and others need to confirm my thinking) little bit of organic apple cider vinegar ,need one with mother in it, put splash in water of a SPARE water bowl. She needs to have choice of plain water too.
KatyM refers to Dogrocks in water never sure what they did so never tried myself.

Btw tell your husband to wait until he goes to work to use the toilet , see how he likes it.. humph.

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Re: Bitches wee damaging grass

Post by stout » 11 Apr 2016, 13:20

We use dog rocks, they do seem to help.

Our problem currently is stout digging holes when you are not looking!

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Re: Bitches wee damaging grass

Post by Debby » 11 Apr 2016, 14:41

Thanks for all the suggestions
I also looked on loose and got similar advice
I have ordered the dog rocks to try out

I'm all for making my hubby wait to go to toilet to see how he likes it!!

Will keep you informed how it goes!

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Re: Bitches wee damaging grass

Post by Bid » 11 Apr 2016, 23:06

It's just part of life with a bitch! Personally I don't want to give my dogs anything that alters their system to the extent it changes the ph value of their wee - their systems are balanced the way they are for a reason.
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Re: Bitches wee damaging grass

Post by Liz!! » 12 Apr 2016, 16:18

Yes, agree with Bid - you don't know what you are doing to them putting stuff in their water. It's all part of having a dog.. or, er bitch!

funnily enough it used to worry me but now I seem to be able to ignore it - either that or is doesn't happen so much any longer!

It's the nitrogen in the wee that causes the burning - it's actually too much 'fertiliser' for the grass - notice that round the brown patch, where the grass hasn't had so much, it is greener and more lush than the rest of the grass.

So perhaps all the rain we've had has helped - that would be my solution, should OH worry too much, get him to go out and hose!
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Re: Bitches wee damaging grass

Post by Brooks13 » 13 Apr 2016, 09:36

I wouldn't use the rocks. My dog used to leave terrible patches everywhere. During the summer I would try and keep the lawn moist which helped a lot. That was until I had kids and a moist lawn meant a muddy house so then I would soak the lawn in the evening which also seemed to help.

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