Has everyone abandoned ship?

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Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by linny » 18 Oct 2016, 18:46

UKLA has been a source of information about Labradoodles for many years. It has been run and supported by Mark to whom I am sure we are all truly grateful. It saddens me to see that it appears that members are abandoning ship in favour of facebook. :( :( .
Where is your loyalty folks :?:
This site has been a mine of information and helped so many new Doodle owners over the years also many friendships started because of this site (through the dog walking groups).
So sad to see that people do not share their knowledge here anymore. :(

I will go down with the ship :wink:

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by We5Kings » 18 Oct 2016, 19:13

I'm with you Linny! I'm a BIG fan of this site! Everyone is helpful, interesting,friendly and non judgmental. I for one will not be jumping ship :D Anny and Dude xx

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Webbs » 18 Oct 2016, 19:28

Im still here with Willow aged six and this site really helped me especially in the beginning but i still pop on quite often to read all the new threads x

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by annvinton » 18 Oct 2016, 21:05

Hi Linny,

I still check in on here as well as FB. :D

Hope you are all well,

Ann & Ben.



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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Glenda » 18 Oct 2016, 21:13

I have literally just 'popped in', saw this thread... and straight away thought of Linny :oops:

I don't come here as often as I did... I guess I needed it more when my two doodles were younger, well Jessie
anyway! :roll: I did abandon the Facebook page many moons ago as I was spending far too much time on
my mobile.

I do hope everyone's doodles are well and of course their hoomans too!


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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by kobi&jazz » 18 Oct 2016, 21:31

We are still here too :) . Like Glenda I guess I used the site more when the doods were younger, but I daily pop onto the site to see what's going on and to look at the puppy pics :) I have always found the site a massive help and a mine of information. Long may the ship sail :lol:

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by jonb » 19 Oct 2016, 08:31

I still look on here on a fairly regular basis commenting where i feel i can add something. Sadly people find the likes of Facebook easier to use especially with photos and i've seen other forums go quiet due to it. I'm sure this place will carry on but it may just be a bit quieter.

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Masil » 19 Oct 2016, 22:31

I'm still here too! I visit the site every day and I'm always interested to read everyone's posts. I have no intention of defecting to Facebook - I'm not even on it :D

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Woobie » 19 Oct 2016, 22:50

I'm really new, look through daily & find lots of great stuff to help with the puppy......I just feel i don't really have much to contribute at the moment. More sucking up the learning really. (& I must agree with earlier comment about the photo's. I'm terrible with technology & find it really hard to figure out how to get the photos on here - even with the instructions I've found in other threads.) :lol:

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by stout » 19 Oct 2016, 23:26

We are still here! I loom everyday and post if I think I have anything useful to add :lol:

I am not on Facebook (Chris is) I can waste enough time without it :lol:

Chris, Michelle & Stout



Stout Puppy Pics:

Doodle Dee
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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Doodle Dee » 19 Oct 2016, 23:47

I'm still here with my emotional dog.
Lulu & Dx


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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Pollydoodle » 20 Oct 2016, 00:26

Hello hello Linny what have we here? :wink:
One of the greatest benefits (and sometime a detractor) is UKLA is an open forum so any new doodle owner can find us.

I guess I am as guilty as the rest, many of us pop on to have a read but to maintain UKLA we all need to post new threads etc if we're to keep it vibrant, alive! Rather like Dee posted recently with her emotional dood...

Can't believe all our adult doods are well behaved and not up to hi jinks a good few time in any given week and if they are perfectly good then the rest of us need to know whaaaaaat we are doing wrong! :roll:

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Noglet » 20 Oct 2016, 10:19

We're still here too (for what we're worth!)!!

I guess I've always been a bit more of a lurker than a thread initiator. Also, like Glenda, I'm less in need of solace and advice now that the boys are 4 and 6!





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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by annvinton » 20 Oct 2016, 11:13

Well, Pollydoodle, SOME boys have grown up into rosette winning doods!


Ben and Harvey both!

But he still likes getting dirty!!


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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Oscar2011 » 20 Oct 2016, 20:47


We are still here too, never too far away :) :) . Just can't believe Oscar will be 5 years old next month :D :D .

Oscar & hoomans.

Mens sana in corpore sano.

Crazy flying dog,


Life of a Labradoodle,


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