Has everyone abandoned ship?

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Pollydoodle » 20 Oct 2016, 23:17

annvinton wrote:Well, Pollydoodle, SOME boys have grown up into rosette winning doods!


Ben and Harvey both!

But he still likes getting dirty!!

8) had be worried there Ann until a saw the second photo and knew all was normal in doodle land :wink:
Thanks for sharing. Ben looks really well.

Coco and Annie
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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Coco and Annie » 21 Oct 2016, 17:46

We're still here enjoying the forums.


Harvey Doodle
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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Harvey Doodle » 22 Oct 2016, 11:31

We are still here Linny
Ken, Marion & Harvey

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Bid » 22 Oct 2016, 18:27

I'm still here too! Daisy certainly hasn't grown up into a sensible mature doodle, I'm glad to report :lol:

Beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man without his vices - Byron

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by kathiedoodle » 22 Oct 2016, 21:40

Hi Linny and all
Holly and I still peruse the posts nearly every day but like other posts Holly who is now 4 (thanks for the birthday congrats Linny) really has matured and never puts a foot wrong :P :roll: if you believe that you will believe anything ! But I feel I rarely have anything better to say than the answers you guys give. You gave such encouragement when Holly was a young mischief maker and many a lonely late night /morning I felt the contact of this friendly forum reach out. I wish I could find some way of attaching a photo from I Pad but have to resort to my steam driven lap top which always has a flat battery!!!! Anyway Best Wishes to all, keep on with your humorous, informative and lively posts. Tomorrow Mick and I celebrate 45 years of marriage we will go out for lunch and Holly will come as well, then a brisk walk over the South Downs for the Dood to find a cow pat or two. Love from Kathie and Holly

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by linny » 23 Oct 2016, 11:29

:D :D :D It's nice to know you are all still out there ....especially the "Lurkers" :lol:
It is as Michelle says ...the site needs fresh input to keep things "alive and kicking.
For those having difficulty in loading photos (if you are using photobucket) it's very simple....select your photo on the bucket then to the right of the photo you will see several share options ....just ckick on the IMG option (it will flash yellow to confirm it has copied. then go to your messenger here and simply paste.........I'm.now waiting to see all the new pics! :lol:

Anne & Ben , Ken Marion & Harvey :D :D :D to see the prize winning boys ....must have been an easy decision for the judges as both boys are sooo good. We must meet up again ....soon.

Thanks to all of you who have replied ....do get posting!

On the home front my motely crew are all fine..... Ambrose had his 8th Birthday in August and has reverted to his teenage phase and is counter surfing :roll: ....I think this has tied in to Rupert crossing the bridge ...I think Ambrose misses him so I'm hoping this surfing is a passing phase. it's a long time since I have had to make sure that things out of Doodle reach so Ambrose has managed a quarter of clotted cream and a pack of ginger nuts to date
Jethro continues to be the loudest ...ear splitting barker :roll: and thus far I have not found a remedy :(
Since his cancer scare I tell mysef I would rather have him here with his bark than to face life without him so we put up with it...if anyone has the magic cure .....PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
The little terrorists are all well and happy.
xxx Linny & the boys

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by stout » 23 Oct 2016, 18:04

I would love to say how stout is now mature and well behaved. He is 'mostly', but he has his moments. We went to a pet shop recently that sells lots of raw food coz we were trying him with chicken again - long story, but no, he is still not good with chicken. Anyway the lady in the shop was giving him lots of fuss, stout was doing the dancing bear impression and forgetting that 4 feet should be on the ground. She asked how old he was, 6 we said, she said I thought you were going to say 2, he is a live wire (nice way of saying naughty/not very well trained I assume :oops: :lol: ). He still counter surfs, we put anything edible on top of the kitchen cupboards when we leave the kitchen :roll:

Chris, Michelle & Stout



Stout Puppy Pics:

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Theojess1 » 24 Oct 2016, 10:11

I am a new member and i find this site awesome!Keep up the good work and hopefully people come back and il help spread the word! Cheers
And if your looking to treat your lil friends with a cool toy check out this site
Cheers guys :)

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by taffyjack » 24 Oct 2016, 20:27

Hi Linny,
We're still lurking too! Don't do Facebook, it does my head in! :lol:
Olga is a stately sensible 8 year old lady now, it's the little sister Lottie who causes all the trouble in this house these days.
So nice to see some old names we remember are still lurking too.
Promise we'll keep in touch.....

Love Sue, Olga and Lottie xxx

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Ianto! » 09 Nov 2016, 01:22

We've been away, linny... Problems with the younger dood (the Gremlin) have diverted my attention - walking two doods separately is somewhat exhausting as I like to do at least two walks each a day with a toddle in the evening before bed thrown in...
I still struggle with getting the bloomin' photos into Photobucket, even though I know how to post them on here. :?
I can vouch for the fact that, although Ianto is now four years old, he hasn't 'matured' or 'calmed down' - he's still the same Artful Dodger he always was - thank goodness :D
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by WendyJ » 09 Nov 2016, 09:08

Hi Linny and all,

It just needed you to wake us all up and get us typing instead of just reading I think! Like everyone has said, I still read the posts regularly but have been lucky with our lovely Tilly who is now 7 1/2 :D She's always been the calm, quiet type (apart from when someone dares to walk within 50 m of the house :roll: ).

Rupert...however! He's now 8 months old and such a funny little chap but I was so grateful to have expert advice from folk on here (you know who you are!) when he first arrived and when he became a picky eater.

I must admit that the Surrey Strollers have got a Facebook page for our walks but I have also posted them on here (although it seems no one replies....they just turn up :lol: ).

Let's keep posting, people! I'd really miss reading these pages and will try to add more myself now :)
Wendy, Tilly and Rupert

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Sarahdol75 » 09 Nov 2016, 10:28

Hi, me and Harley are still here.

I have been away in mexico on holiday.

My mum was looking after Harley for the 2 weeks, well it lasted 2 days and she had to send him to another friend.

My mum has just had a new puppy and I did say it might be a bit much to look after both, well Harley got fed up with the new puppy as he wouldnt leave Harley alone, kept jumping on him, biting his ears, hanging off him all the time, catching a ride on his back, Harley had enough and frightened the life out of my mum, he had the new puppy in his mouth and my mum panicked. He didnt hurt him but as he is so small, my mum couldnt cope with the worry.

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by Brooks13 » 10 Nov 2016, 11:05

I am still here with my 7 month Goldendoodle - Bee. I am more of a reader than a poster and found this site invaluable when I was waiting for Bee to arrive and in the early days. I would use the site a lot more if it was more mobile friendly.


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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by pfurlong » 10 Nov 2016, 17:37

I must confess now that Bentley is all grown up at 7 years old, I don't have the same need for advice that I used to have, but just drop by occasionally to check and see if the familiar faces are still around - not that I've met anyone but I feel that I know people through the antics of their dogs. Bid and her gang and also well remember Rufus who seemed to be able to catch a fish from the sea - I think his owner had a bookshop. I had a lot of very helpful advice in the early years and was grateful for it never having had a doodle before. so many thanks to UK Labradoodle Association for all the tips and helpful advice.

So in the spirit of passing on useful information I would just like to pass on some good news about the treatment of Malignant Melanoma - this time last year Bentley was diagnosed with a lump which turned out to be an aggressive malignant melanoma of the jaw. We were advised by our vet to either take part of his jaw away with radical surgery - which we could not bear to do or PTS. We were also told that there was alternative - a new vaccine for melanoma - which had some good results which he could be referred to and which he would have to have monthly at a specialist vet (Caves in Somerset) at £500 per injection so definitely an insurance job.

So after monthly injections for 6 months he is about to go back for his annual check - he appears to have completely recovered and you would never know that he had been ill so fingers crossed. I hope this information helps someone.

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Re: Has everyone abandoned ship?

Post by linny » 10 Nov 2016, 22:52

:) pfurlong Nice to see you posting such positive news regarding Bentley :D
I am sure that your post will be of great benefit to others with doods who have had the same diagnosis.
Shared information , especially regarding available treatments might just help save a life. Not all vets can keep up to date especially with new treatment options so it's great to read about this particular treatment here ....thank you.

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