Anyone up for being snapped starkers!!!

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Anyone up for being snapped starkers!!!

Post by suzi23173 » 04 Jan 2017, 19:51

Well I read that the cockapoo community have made a calendar for charity in the style of calendar girls with their poos and props covering their naughty bits. They all look very splendid and gorgeous. :shock:

Should we follow suit? :shock: Any volunteers? :oops: :shock: :lol: (Joking! :oops:)
At least doodles are bigger so you could hide more! :lol: :shock: ... -dogs.html (sorry its the horrible Mail)
Suzi and Tess.

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Re: Anyone up for being snapped starkers!!!

Post by linny » 04 Jan 2017, 22:00

:lol: I might have considered it 50 years ago if I owned a Pyrenean Mountain Dog And if the photo shoot was in the dark with a blind photographer. :lol:

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Re: Anyone up for being snapped starkers!!!

Post by Ianto! » 05 Jan 2017, 22:48

Knowing our Ianto, he'd bolt at the (in)appropriate moment... :shock: Resulting in either a Leap Month, or a horrendous drop in sales...... :oops:
Perhaps Labradoodle primary carers are more (ahem) 'experienced' - read 'older' - than Cockerpoo Mums... or maybe they're kept on their toes more, and are therefore fitter...? I just know that a medium and a miniature dood wouldn't be enough to cover my blushes... :roll:
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