Labradoodle and Child?

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Labradoodle and Child?

Post by KPear » 13 Jan 2017, 15:43

Me and my partners main concern is making sure that our baby is going to be safe around the new dog, especially as he's just starting to find his feet. We were thinking of maybe making a couple of rooms off limits to the dog, maybe just the upstairs so that our little chaps toys don't get slobber on them and also so that he can toddle about in peace. We already have one of these: but I'm not sure if this is gonna be big enough for a labradoodle? I've noticed that there are specific pet gates so do you think that we should get one of them? I don't really even want there to be any temptation for the dog to jump the gate?

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Re: Labradoodle and Child?

Post by Oscar2011 » 13 Jan 2017, 22:03


Having some dog free areas is a good idea for both dog and baby as they will both need chill out time, have never heard of a labradoodle being able to jump a stair gate, we had a couple of similar ones and found to our surprise that when Oscar was a puppy he was able to squeeze his head through the gaps in the bars, one day we actually found him stuck half way through :shock: . We had to then fix a sheet of clear perspex to it with cable ties. We also have a house rabbit, so one of the gates was to keep mr Bunny safe :) .

Good luck,

Oscar & hoomans.

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Re: Labradoodle and Child?

Post by Ianto! » 14 Jan 2017, 23:08

Hi KPear,
I think you're right in that both your little one and your doodle need to have their own spaces - but your link is to a baby gate... if your dood is of the larger size, you probably need to get a gate specifically for dogs... Our medium dood has managed to clear the baby gate we have in the hall - fortunately, it's only to the front door and he hasn't tried again, but it may be worth you getting the higher gates just to be certain.
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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