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Puppy coat question
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Author:  Annabellaboo [ 20 Mar 2017, 11:40 ]
Post subject:  Puppy coat question

Hi there,
We just went to view a litter of a labradoodle mum crossed with a cockapoo dad. The mum had coarse wirey hair and dad curly.
The pups all had very different coats which I know is often the case. They are only 4 weeks old.
The one puppy we really seem to have fallen for is a black boy who had a soft wavy coat on his head but a coarse straight coat on his body.
Does this give an indication of how the coat will turn out?
Just concerned as I have a slight allergy to dogs that shed but am fine with our current dog who doesn't shed at all.
Thank you, any advice would be much appreciated.

Author:  Coco and Annie [ 20 Mar 2017, 15:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Puppy coat question

Hello Anna and welcome to the forum

Although, I am far from being an expert, it sounds as though the coat may be not allergy-friendly and possibly shedding. I understand the curlier ones are more likely to be better for allergy sufferers - but this is not away the case.

Coats can also change a lot in quality from puppy to adult. My lab/poodle cross dood had a fleece coat as a puppy, which then changed to a soft hair and then back again to to part fleece/hair. She is now aged three and sheds minimally.

I also have an Australian labradoodle who is much more allergy friendly but they cost a lot more.

Here are some photos to illustrate the coat change for my F1, Coco.

Good luck for your new addition.





Author:  Annabellaboo [ 21 Mar 2017, 17:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Puppy coat question

Thanks for your reply. Coco is so gorgeous, what a cutie!
I am hoping because the puppy has wavy thick hair on his head it may indicate he will go curler as some of the others definitely had more Labrador like short, straight hair. I think he's brilliant either way.

Author:  Coco and Annie [ 21 Mar 2017, 21:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Puppy coat question

Exciting times for you all!

We'd love to see a photo of your bundle!


Author:  Bren [ 22 Mar 2017, 08:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Puppy coat question

Hi The Coat whether it is curly or straight does not indicate whether or not the dog will moult. If you need to know whether or not the dog will be a non allergy dog then he needs to be tested. Please don't decide to take a dog because he looks cute and you don't think he will moult a lot. Because if he turns out to moult a lot he will be another dog looking for a home.
I have two labradoodles both different coats. However they both moult one more than the other.
I don't mean to be blunt but I have written this in the only way I know to get my point and thoughts across.
Good luck to you, Hope you choosing of your dog brings as much pleasure to you as both mine have done.

Author:  JTeddy [ 30 Apr 2017, 05:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Puppy coat question

We have an f1b, very much like the chocolate pup above,.very thick long wavy coat. He's only 4 months so coat will change but I only wanted a low moulting dog due to being sick to the back teeth of fur from our old Boxer....he moults just as much as our Boxer did!

Author:  Doodle Dee [ 04 May 2017, 09:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Puppy coat question

Lulu is f1 and hardly sheds. Nothing like a boxer. Wow they are bad and my daughters jackabee which I refuse to let in my car because of the shedding

I agree with Bren. It is impossible to say if a dood will shed. What is your current dog's breed

As I said Lulu sheds a bit but nothing to get stressed about. I am just lucky I reckon

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