Medium Labradoodle Breeder

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Medium Labradoodle Breeder

Post by darrena » 15 Oct 2017, 17:20

Hi all

I am looking for a breeder in the south for a medium Labradoodle which seems to be an almost impossible task. Is the medium size doodle a myth or are they just rare as they all seem to be advertised as Miniature or Standard. Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Medium Labradoodle Breeder

Post by susiet » 16 Oct 2017, 15:33

Quite often miniature labradoodles are what people class as medium so I should speak to the individual breeders if you can. Likewise some breeders of standards may sometimes breed from a smaller sire so again worth asking. Good luck!
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Re: Medium Labradoodle Breeder

Post by We5Kings » 16 Oct 2017, 16:33

Hello, what size are you hoping for? I'm not sure there is an actual "Medium" doodle. Some Standards are small, some Miniatures are medium sized. Our Dude is from two standard Labradoodle parents. He's 24ins at the shoulder and weighs 26kg. He has a fiend called Bella who is a Miniature doodle ( father a miniature poodle, mother a small Lab)She is 20ins and weighs 18kg. She's kind of medium size to me. Another friend has a Golden doodle, Buzz. His Dad is a golden retriever, Mum a Standard Labradoodle. He's enormous! 30 ins at shoulder and weighs 35kg! His owner calls our Dude a Medium size Labradoodle. It's al relative really :roll: Thing is, they are either crossed with Miniature or Standard poodles somewhere down the line and Labs of various sizes! Good luck with your search. Bitches are usually smaller. Anny

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Re: Medium Labradoodle Breeder

Post by jonb » 23 Oct 2017, 10:07

Roker was classed by the breeder, Coniston Doodles in Lincolnshire, as medium, they said he'd be about 17 to 19 inches tall and they were spot on. I think they've done a number of litters so had a good idea what they'd be getting. This said some friends of ours decided to get a medium sized Doodle as they liked Roker and ended up with Baxter who when 4 months old was already towering over Roker and is now a seriously big lad. They got him from a first time breeder who advertised as medium but that didnt turn out to be the case.

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