Small Australian Labrdoodle - how far can they walk

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Small Australian Labrdoodle - how far can they walk

Post by dudes » 04 Dec 2017, 12:20


We are getting a new pup and the breeder has either a very small miniature dog estimated to grow to 13 inches to the shoulder. My wife thinks this is a great size, but I am worried she may be get worn out on long walks. She was the smallest in the litter.

When this dog is fully grown how far do you think she could walk (assuming we gradually get her used to it). Ideally we would take her on maybe 3 hour walks at a reasonable pace.

If we wait (I prefer not to) the breeder will have a larger dog maybe 17 inches to the shoulder, will this make much difference? We would really like the smaller dog.

Thanks very much for you help.

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Re: Small Australian Labrdoodle - how far can they walk

Post by jonb » 05 Dec 2017, 10:12

I asked a similar question when getting our Doodle and the answer was that the size doesnt really may find the bigger dogs are less able to walk further due to their bigger bodies etc. Prior to getting Roker i occasionally walked my brother in laws Bichon and she loved long walks. I would suspect that this smaller dog once fully grown and up to it will be more than able to go on longer walks especially if you can get to a point where, in the right places and safe to do so, they can be walked off lead so they can walk at their own pace stopping if they want to etc rather than on a lead having to keep up with you.

For what its worth our doodle Roker is 17" tall and loves a long walk in the Peak District, in fact he'll be out for 8 or 9 miles around White Edge, Grindleford, Curbar Edge with my dad today for a walk. We did a similar walk on Saturday with him....just means he has a good snooze when you get home which is most definitely not a bad thing!!

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