Genetic diversity in Australian Labradoodle “breed”

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Genetic diversity in Australian Labradoodle “breed”

Post by ringi » 09 Dec 2018, 13:15

Clearly one of the advantages of a Labradoodle is that they have fewer generic issues then the well-established beads. But I get the feeling that most Labradoodle puppies are unpredictable in how they will develop. The “Australian Labradoodle” seems to be a lot more predictable, and well controlled by the ALAEU.

However, I am now questioning if there is enough genetic diversity in Australian Labradoodle breed in the UK…..

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Re: Genetic diversity in Australian Labradoodle “breed”

Post by Michala100 » 11 Dec 2018, 00:12

I would say ask the breeder. I know my boy was purchased from the Netherlands and my girl’s father from Canada and mother from Usa. So ours are very diverse.
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