Wonderful weather

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Wonderful weather

Post by kathiedoodle » 21 Apr 2019, 09:28

Wonderful weather for Easter :D
I cannot remember such Glorious Easter, looking back on the family albums the children with their Easter bonnets and winter coats on, year after year. Today is also OH’s birthday, the big 70, Easter and a birthday to celebrate, our family and their children will meet for a lunch, one of the few occasions we all manage to get together (sadly no Holly invited) and as the grandchildren are all in their teens maybe one of the last times we will all get together as they scatter to different uni’s and jobs.
Anyway we wish you all a peaceful, happy, healthy Easter.

Doodle Dee
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Re: Wonderful weather

Post by Doodle Dee » 21 Apr 2019, 10:14

Makes you happy to be alive. But are dogs really silly panting away and sitting in the sun. A bit like some humans I suppose
Lulu & Dx


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Re: Wonderful weather

Post by kobi&jazz » 21 Apr 2019, 15:33


What a difference a bit of sun does for the soul :) . It does make a change from the wet cold bank holidays we usually have. Jazz had an early walk and a splash about in the paddling pool and has now settled for her afternoon kip :lol: .

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Re: Wonderful weather

Post by linny » 26 Apr 2019, 10:37

:D It really was a lovely Easter wasn't it... I spent a day clipping six of my dogs... I now have six entirely new dogs. :lol: It never ceases to amaze me how different they all are under their winter coats :!:
Hope everyone had a really lovely Easter

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