Help finding a breeder for Mini Labradoodle

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Help finding a breeder for Mini Labradoodle

Post by Beth78 » 01 May 2019, 16:25

Hi everyone!

I’m new on here. I live in the Cotswolds with my husband and two children. We’ve been looking for the right breed of dog for our family for a very long time and everything has come down to a miniature Labradoodle.

We’ve only ever had pure pedigrees before, the breeders for which we’ve found through the kennel club but obviously we can’t do that with a mix breed.

Therefore does anyone have any recommendations for breeders who are top quality and have litters due in May/June for rehoming in August/September?

Or does anyone know where I can possibly look? At the moment I’m flicking through Pets4Homes trying to find the good ones, I’m guessing more will come to light over the next few weeks as litters are born.

Thank you x

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Re: Help finding a breeder for Mini Labradoodle

Post by Roedtan » 05 May 2019, 07:14

Have you thought about rescuing a dog?


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Re: Help finding a breeder for Mini Labradoodle

Post by Michala100 » 06 May 2019, 23:01

Finding a good breeder requires you to become a little bit of a detective.
Firstly have a check list of things you might want to see in a good breeder, here are my must haves and why.
Health certificates to view, not copies, for both parents, to include hip, elbow, eye, patella luxation, degenerative myelopathy, EIC, and other genetic testing.
Line and heritage of mother and father is known about and understood by the breeder, it is very important that your breeder is knowledgeable, to prevent passing on of undesirable temperaments or poor health.
Born and raised in a house, evidence that mother is a loved family pet, puppy farmers often pretend they are home breeders, look carefully for signs that this is indeed the family home of the dog. Also big breeders have dogs and puppies elsewhere and ship them in at selling time. Be sceptical and ask the questions.
A really good Home breeder that does health certificates will most likely have a waiting list, and will want to vet you. Take that as a sign they care about their dogs, don’t overbreed and allo the dogs to be family pets too. Don’t be scared of googling and looking on Facebook to check breeders out. If it feels wrong walk away.
Yes I am a breeder, our name is Cosmic Rays Australian Labradoodles, check us out for more information.

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