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Feeding behaviour

Posted: 22 May 2019, 20:33
by Archielabradoodle
Hello! I have a lovely 40kg standard labradoodle named Archie. He is now 3 years old :D

Over a year ago we added to our family with a toy cockapoo who is now 18 months old, called Ted.

Archie is too big to be crate trained so he is out in the house or in their room any time of day. Ted however still struggles to hold his bladder if he is loose in the house, so if no one is home or at night, Ted goes in the crate which he does not mind at all.

I was wondering if anyone else has come across the same curious behaviour that we have.... when feeding the dogs, we put Archie’s portion of food in a specific place in the room for him and Teds food (from the exact same bag) goes in his crate with the door open. Archie is not a big foodie dog (considering he’s got Labrador in him!!!) so he’ll usually wait an hour before eating his food, however if he has access to the food in Teds crate, he’ll immediately eat that all up??

This isn’t a problem for us as neither dog is aggressive over their food, we just have to make sure they both get the right amount for themselves as they are very different sizes !! :lol:

I was just wondering if anyone would know why Archie might prefer the exact same food from Ted’s crate instead of out of his own bowl as it seems so peculiar ! :roll: Thanks!! :mrgreen:

Re: Feeding behaviour

Posted: 24 May 2019, 14:34
by linny
:lol: it's a bit like that in our house.
Everyone is on the same food but the other dogs food is always more attractive than their own. :lol:
I have to stand guard at meal times to prevent the piglets from eating everything in sight.
Perhaps Archie thinks he'll eat Ted's first and save his own for later.....?