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dropped in again

Posted: 03 Sep 2019, 21:50
by derekH
Just dropped by to say that everything is fine with Freddy,he's just had his 2nd birthday although we didn't tell him,we'd had to have bought him a present and that could create problems with the old boy wanting it.
He has just had his third holiday in our caravan last year he absolutely loved the sea,this year he wasn't interested although he did go in to fetch a ball floating we were the only people on the beach at 10-15pm,this was the night I almost lost him he ran around and around and when I looked for him I couldn't see him,he'd blended in with the sand dunes about 1/2 mile away.He doesn't like fireworks or clay pigeon shooting (it's the noise not the shooting) but on the night most of Britain were woken by a thunderstorm he sat watching it but there wasn't thunder only lightning but the sound of the rain disturbed him.
He obviously enjoyed the holiday and it tired him out he lay on the floor of the car all the way home almost 200 miles asleep,are there any recommendations for restrainers he has got the taste for them.I don't think he would go into a crate now in fact he has never been in one so that's out,but being caravanners we usually have the boot full any way.
So that's it he is growing up he is still naughty but nice with it and he certainly keeps us on our toes,he likes his walks 3 times a day most days,it's surprising how many miles you can cover between the end of April till the middle of August according to the pedometer we walked 290 miles no wonder I was tired.Do I regret having him No way.