Hurray.....small steps

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Hurray.....small steps

Post by kobi&jazz » 17 Oct 2019, 11:20

Just heard that Sainsbury's have decided NOT to stock/sell fireworks this year :D . It would be brilliant if other stores took note of this move and followed their lead. I am all in favour of organised displays, but do feel they could use silent fireworks as they do abroad and it should be limited to one night only.

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Re: Hurray.....small steps

Post by We5Kings » 17 Oct 2019, 18:27

This is Very Good News! As you know Dude is terrified of fireworks. It used to be terrible in Somerset where they have the famous Carnivals during November, with fireworks going off until past midnight on Nov 5th. Fortunately things are quieter down here and firework displays end earlier in the evening.But really fireworks should only be used at organised events in one night! Good old Sainsbury’s.

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Re: Hurray.....small steps

Post by AnnaB » 18 Oct 2019, 07:44

I wish the law could be changed to NO fireworks except in organised displays only to be held on Nov 5th (and also New Year). The whole firework 'thing' has become ridiculous with fireworks being set off anywhere at anytime - and sometimes dangerously! I know a lot of folks will think I'm a spoil sport, but it has got seriously out of hand. I can remember as a small child being thrilled by holding a sparkler while standing around a small garden bonfire and watching the odd Catherine wheel spinning round on a garden post, there may also have been a roman candle or a rocket or two if we were lucky - but no bangers in case we frightened the 'old dear' living next door! Simple times, such pleasure and only on Nov 5th.

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Re: Hurray.....small steps

Post by linny » 18 Oct 2019, 15:48

Good new indeed😊...but how I wish they were banned altogether.
It must be just as terrifying to wildlife as it is to our pets, and those rockets have to land somewhere.!..
We have had near misses on our barn and stables many a time and every year have to walk the fields to pick them up before the goats and ponies get to them.

I'm an old spoilsport too Anna😁😁

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