Clipper Blade Size

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Clipper Blade Size

Post by BigGreenKwak » 19 Dec 2019, 16:33

Hi Doodlers.
I have a 6 year old Labradoodle called Ted, we have had him since he was 9 weeks old.
Since he was 16 weeks old he has been going to a professional groomer every 10 weeks for a wash and cut.
But due to the groomer having some unforeseen family issues she had to cancel his appointment and is fully booked for the next 10 weeks.
I'm sure every doodle owner has had this same thought at some point, I am prepared to try and give him an all cut myself.
I know its sounds easier than it is, but after the power of Goggle and YouTube I think I am ready, as my vet once said "the difference between a good cut and a bad cut is about 2 weeks".
I have a set of Andis AGC super 2 speed clippers with the standard size 10 blade. We have washed, dried, combed and de-tangled him but the issue I have is this size 10 blade fitted with Andis plastic combs won't cut his coat at all, it just slides over the blade. He has quite a thick wavy coat.
We like his coat a little on the long side so would a 3-3/4 Skip Tooth blade (13mm) be a good blade to use, or are the Andis metal combs better than the plastic combs on the 10 blade.
Any advise please.


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Re: Clipper Blade Size

Post by Luluandwoody » 24 Feb 2020, 16:57

Hi I groom my three. I have wahl clippers and recently bought some longer attachments so am using the 19 mm. However I have used the 13 mm one in the past with great success on my doodles. The Portuguese water dog has a longer coat so I use 25 mm on her. Hope this helps. This is how my doodles look after my cutting them x

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Re: Clipper Blade Size

Post by juney1 » 12 Apr 2020, 15:13

hi what with the lockdown all groomers are closed and cooper is in real need of a clip ,he just about lets me trim his beard and feet so its gonna be fun and lots of viewing on line for beginners, any advice on whether to attempt it or not and which clippers to use if i can find them on line thanks in advance

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