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It’s been a while!

Posted: 11 Feb 2021, 18:11
by Florrie!
Hey everybody,

Not sure how many of you still regularly check in here? For some reason my brain forgot all about this place but never about you guys and your beautiful doodles! I accidentally just came across here not long ago whilst looking for something else, good old google. 😊

Not sure how many of you will remember Florrie?
Well she made it 10! Something we never thought would happen with her complicated medical history. She grew into an amazing girl, so gentle and affectionate and of course funny! She certainly knew how to keep everyone on their toes! Unfortunately she became unwell a few months ago with intermittent vomiting (nothing unusual in the early days) she had different treatments for acid reflux which seemed to help. Thursday a couple weeks back, the vomiting was after every meal and she became quiet. Friday she stopped eating and drinking. She was back and forth to the vets in those last few days and they didn’t think it was anything life threatening. Monday morning 1st Feb I took her back as she still wasn’t herself and had developed a funky smell about her. Also noticed a small amount of blood in her poo. Vet examined her came out and said the words I’ve been dreading for the whole of her life. The decision was made there and then to bring her home, the vet came round at 12:15pm and my beautiful soul mate Florence was put to sleep surrounded with love.

I’m absolutely heartbroken and miss her every day. I miss everything about her especially her beautiful eyes that would look at me with such love.

Really hoping everyone else’s doodles are fairing better. Hope that everyone is doing okay too.

Take care and hopefully will hear back from some of you.


Re: It’s been a while!

Posted: 14 Feb 2021, 17:12
by kathiedoodle
Dear Tash
So very sad to hear your news. I remember Florrie, it is the news we all dread. I know what you mean when you say look into their eyes and see the love and fun. Florrie has had a wonderful life with you and you will miss her but must remember the fun times you had together. I have always thought that when the time comes the kindest act we can do is let them go, you cared for her when she needed it and was brave enough to let her go in love and peace.
Love Kathie

Re: It’s been a while!

Posted: 17 Feb 2021, 22:08
by AnnaB
Oh Tash I'm so very sorry to hear your sad news and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to you. I do check in here regularly in the hope of catching some news from the many wonderful doodles that we all grew to know and love due to this site. Sadly, time has been marching on and so many of the 'originals' have crossed the Bridge leaving large and empty spaces in our lives. But the wonderful memories they leave behind will remain with us always, such amazing and very special furry friends.
Take care - Anna x

Re: It’s been a while!

Posted: 18 Feb 2021, 14:27
by Florrie!
Thanks for the replies.
I used to love seeing what everyone’s doodles had been up to!
I wonder how many of them are still with us too.

It’s been so hard losing Florrie, she was certainly one of a kind and has taught me so much over the years about how to care for a dog but also I’ve learnt things about myself too that I never would have if it wasn’t for her being in my life. I definitely feel it was fate of some kind that we ended up together as she was originally supposed to go to another family but they changed their minds last minute and so I ended up with her. I feel so privileged and honoured to of had such a beautiful old soul of a dog by my side for all those years.

We are going to get another sometime in the future so Austin can have a little sister. He’s really missing his big sis and he would be such a good influence on a youngster. He’s such a good boy and very sociable.

How are your doods getting on?

Thanks again

Re: It’s been a while!

Posted: 22 Feb 2021, 13:43
by kathiedoodle
Dear Tash
Hope the pain and shock have eased just a little, I know how long it takes to get over the lose, our Golden Retriever Abbie was 15 when we had to make the terrible but kindest choice. I thought she could never be replaced so looked for a breed with all the same qualities never dreaming that the Labradoodle would fill all needs and add fun, sense of humour, great intelligence and downright cheek.
Holly is now 8+ and going strong, bit of arthritis which is kept at bay with some good tabs from the vet, she still has a humorous puppy nature and a more loving dog would be hard to find. Like you, we feel she was the one for us the breeder brought a little bundle of white fluff out and it leant against the wall and shivered, we are on our own now as all the children and grandchildren had all but flown the nest, so a quiet life was in store. Little did we know the whirlwind would hit us two days after she came home. She has always has a sensitive nature and prefers the company of people to dogs, although I socialised her well when she was a pup. She still leans on a wall especially if she has been up to no good, it’s in the eyes they don’t lie. Best one was when TOH had got his new round of Port Salut cheese ready to go but decided in his wisdom to have a loo stop first, leaving the cheese on kitchen worktop. He calls out to me “ have you put my cheese away” no. Holly is leaning on the hall wall with a hugh orange cheese grin, the whole Port Salut in her mouth!! She gave it up and the cheese complete with teeth marks went in the bin. TOH put his cheese biscuits away and went to sulk in the garden🧀
Well do let us know how you get on, keep safe.
Kind Regards