asleep until bedtime..

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asleep until bedtime..

Post by Oscar2011 » 08 Aug 2016, 21:21

These older Doods do like their sleep don't they :roll: :roll: :roll: :D .


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Re: asleep until bedtime..

Post by We5Kings » 09 Aug 2016, 09:14

Our Dude is the same :lol: Up on "his" sofa at 8pm where he snoozes til final wee at 11ish, then fast asleep in his bed til 8am :D
Breakfast as soon as we can get it ready :roll: Then an hours walk. More sleep. Midday short walk off lead plus ball fetching. Snack. Sleep.
Hang around while I cook supper hoping for scraps until his supper at 6ish. Short walk 7.30ish. Crash on sofa. Repeat! It's a dogs life eh?! Anny

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Re: asleep until bedtime..

Post by dexysback » 14 Aug 2016, 20:39

Dexter is the same ,sleep at 8 the wee at bed time back to sleep till 7 ,the food and walk the back to sleep again.He is so like a old man at moment,think its the heat.

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