Biting legs and ankles

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Biting legs and ankles

Post by lizp79 » 16 Nov 2020, 10:03

Hi- I'm sure this has been commented on before, but we have an issue with our 10 week labradoodle puppy. He is constantly biting my legs and feet. I've tried ignoring, standing still (I usually can't walk away as he is attached to my legs/socks/trousers!!). I've tried re-directing with toys, which sometimes works but only lasts a short while and he is back on my legs again. He has lots of different chew toys that we swap regularly to prevent him getting bored and he gets plenty of attention throughout the day. We also do plenty of short bursts of training with him and have interactive food toys for him. I at a bit of a loss as to what else to try! Thanks

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Re: Biting legs and ankles

Post by kathiedoodle » 17 Nov 2020, 13:47

Hi, sorry you are having a painful but all too well known phase. It is a phase that will pass, you seem to be doing all the right things to try and discourage these painful nips. I used “time out” with Holly when she took to play nipping, I never had a crate for her so she was put into the kitchen where it was safe and her bed was there if she wanted it, they are very clever and it dawned on her quickly any bad behaviour, over excitement, or just plain “mummy’s had enough” was met with the kitchen door being closed. Persevere it will pass soon, other than that wellies!!
Good luck he will get the message soon.

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