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More harness advice please

Posted: 02 Mar 2014, 22:01
by EstelleB
After lots of great advice a few months ago, we bought Tia a Premier easy walk harness, and it worked like magic, pulling stopped and she has become much better at walking to heel.

She is getting to the point of growing out of it, and I need to decide if I should get a bigger one or a different type. Although the easy walk has helped with general pulling, I still find her difficult to control if she decides to lunge (usually to try and play with another dog who doesn't want to play!). I've also never been particularly happy with how it fits, so would like advice from anyone who has tried these ones.

These are all anti-pulling, but seem to work in different ways, with 2 using the double-ended lead and the Sporn one looking more like a regular hanress (don't know how this works) so any feedback is much appreciated, thanks :)

Halti Harness ... ti-harness

'Sporn' - also company of animals ... ll-harness


Re: More harness advice please

Posted: 02 Mar 2014, 22:29
by Sasha & Pluto
Hiya, we have the harness in the 2nd link you posted. It is brilliant for walking Pluto. We do have to give him treats to get it on him as he tries to bite it, but he walk very nicely on it and it is easy to pull him back if he does try to jump up at passers by. However he did manage to wriggle out if it at puppy training class and then run around trying to say hello to all the other puppies, it gave the other owners quite a fright as he was the biggest in the class and very clumsy :lol:

Re: More harness advice please

Posted: 03 Mar 2014, 00:35
by Liz!!
There is a fleece harness that comes in three pieces, and you buy the three bits separately so that you end up with a harness that fits your dog exactly and which is comfortable as well - it is a front leading harness just like Easy walk.

It's the one Lola likes best - although she's not keen on harnesses!

Re: More harness advice please

Posted: 03 Mar 2014, 11:44
by thepadster
I used the mekuti for Paddy and it worked really well. A bit fiddly at first but I was soon using one hand to manage him. He's a great walker now. I still use the double ended leads for tying him to pub stools etc so he was always attached. :)

Re: More harness advice please

Posted: 03 Mar 2014, 14:53
by EstelleB
Thanks for all the replies.

Decisions, decisions!

More questions (sorry) - the padster - the Mekuti looks like it attaches on one side rather than at the front, does this mean that you need to always keep the dog on the same side of you?

Sasha - I like the look of the sporn harness, but can't figure out how it works (their video is really useless), how does it prevent them pulling forward?

Liz - I love the look of these fleece ones, and I imagine when she grows I might only need to replace one part.

I can see me having lots of different ones before we are happy!

Re: More harness advice please

Posted: 03 Mar 2014, 17:49
by Liz!!
I also have the Mekuti one - the straps were a bit wide and industrial for her delicate stature! But it was good.

It does up in a different way to the others - you attach the clip lead to the ring around the other side of the dog from you, then bring it through the front ring and up to your hand - the lead is two ended, you hold the middle of the loop and the other clip is clipped to the dog's back. This gives a lot of control, I have to say, but suits a big dog better than a small one like Lola.

Re: More harness advice please

Posted: 04 Mar 2014, 13:22
by EstelleB
Thanks Liz, I've decided to go with the Mekuti this time, fingers crossed!

Re: More harness advice please

Posted: 04 Mar 2014, 15:43
by Benben
In the wake of this discussion yesterday I bought a Coa non pull harness - it was cheap enough to take a risk, and Ursa has been a mad puller from the moment I put a lead on her. The effect is remarkable: instead of spending the whole walk either towing me along or upright on her back legs she now trots alongside like a dream. The only problem is that there is a significant length (perhaps half a metre) of nylon fabric line before the ring to which you attach the lead, and she twists round and chews it madly. She always has done this, but it was cured by a chain lead; now of course the length nearest her mouth is much more chewable! So now when she's a mind she will stop co-operating and instead concentrate on trying to release herself by biting through the tether. That said 90% of the time it's vastly better and I'll certainly be using it - my shoulders were really beginning to ache from the constant pulling and there have been times when she's knocked me right off balance on muddy ground.

She will grow out of it, and in fact the harness is set at the smallest possible (so that there's room for her to grow into it) so over the next few weeks the length of nylon will shorten. She doesn't seem to mind the harness at all, and dashed around the park exactly as she did before I put her into it.