Aggression in 14 week old

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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by moguie » 25 Mar 2016, 09:40

The Doodle Trust will have the skills and experience in the breed to do the best for the pup where rehoming is concerned.

We had a rescue dog last year that was from another specialist rehoming centre and the matched us up completely wrongly. He was adult and lovely but in different activities during the day if he did not want to do something he would growl snarl or snap at me. I tried behaviourist but the damage was already in my head where potential for failure was concerned as with 2 boys I too felt that if he had bitten then it would be a case of he could not be rehome and he would need to be put to sleep. I did not want this as I knew it was my own inability to deal with him not necessarily his fault. We returned him to the rescue centre. Kids were distraught and every now and then the eldest throws it at me but they know it was the best thing for all deep down.

Yours is a puppy so the bite I guess will be recognised as he needs correcting if you take him to the doodle trust where as another centre may not and if you sell him on to another family he may not get the help he needs?

Have you seen a behaviourist that specialises in puppies? Just a thought?

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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by suebedo » 27 Mar 2016, 16:50


Wondered how you were getting on in your search for a new home. Have the DT been able to offer any assistance? We recently moved from Uxbridge / Denham so am guessing that we were quite local to you.

The Dogs Trust is also near to Heathrow as well - Harefield (I'm sure that you know that but you may be south of the airport so it wouldn't be so local to you).

Ho old is the puppy now? I haven't been on here for a while and hav 3 pages of new threads to catch up on :)

I hope you find somewhere he can be rehomed quickly to help you both move on from this.

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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by Bid » 27 Mar 2016, 20:59

Have you been in touch with the breeder? That would normally be the first port of call when you feel unable to keep a puppy.
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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by 44Whitehall » 28 Mar 2016, 22:33

Thanks all for your helpful support. We have found a very lovely new home for the dog and all are well.

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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by 44Whitehall » 18 Apr 2016, 22:43

I was thinking about the good folk on here and my gratitude for your support. Again, thank you.

I should add here that I contacted the breeder to express our difficulties and to seek help. First time she offered a puppy swap for one of our boy's siblings or a puppy from a later litter. We decided to persevere, though about a month later, come our eventual failure with the dog, she didn't even respond to my correspondence. I think it is a shame, and accordingly on the basis of our bad experience I could not recommend

In due course, once emotions are healed, we'll be back here to see what puppy advice we can obtain from you all.

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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by Ianto! » 20 Apr 2016, 00:33

As I've said before, it is a brave decision to make, to rehome a doodle... but it was the best decision for you and your family - and for your dood - heart-wrenching as it was.
Hopefully, when the time is right, you will find a doodle (or another breed of dog) that is the right fit for you and your family. Whenever that is, we will be here...
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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Anne Wozniak
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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by Anne Wozniak » 01 Jun 2016, 16:39

Such a long time since I posted on this site,
The above chap could have been talking about Wilson, he too was from mini doodles in Hereford, same issues, same non existant help / advice from Rachel Leake the breeder
I'm so very sorry you decided to re home your doodle but understand 100% why
We persevered with Wilson, toughest job we've ever undertaken
He'll be 7 years old in July..... still has major issues, he's a constant challenge
Luckily (?) for us we had no children living at home or our outcome would have been exactly the same as yours
So, when the time is right for you, do your research well and you'll be blessed with a well bred puppy or rescue dog
Good luck :D

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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by Pollydoodle » 02 Jun 2016, 01:17

Hello Anne, long time indeed. I recall Wilson and all you do to make things work.
Grateful for your post and reference back to same breeder,so folks may realise.
Makes you wonder here a person still knowingly breeding, what in today's world may be seen as, let us say unpredictable dogs.
Ps:Wilson still my fav name! :wink:

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Re: Aggression in 14 week old

Post by linny » 02 Jun 2016, 19:09

Hi Ann, I too remember the "Trials of Wilson" so it's lovely to see you here and know that Wilson is still with you.
You never gave up and it's thanks to your dedication that Wilson has the life he has.
It's such a shame that there are breeders out there still after the quick buck and not at all concerned about the problems they churn out :x
I wonder how many more of their pups had temperament problems :?: :?: :?: :?:
Do your research folks. :(

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