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Post by KatyM » 20 May 2016, 10:17

Winnie has started barking a lot more! Her triggers are the door bell, knocking and seeing next door on the drive (through the glass in the kitchen door). She used to bark when she heard the door bell or someone knocked and stopped when she saw who it was and settled back down. Now she barks for quite a while after the person has entered, it's really loud!! :shock: I am a child minder so people are coming and going quite regularly through the day. She is in the kitchen through the day and has clear view of the front door, down the hall way. Any advise on how to temper it? She is quite shy by nature and I'm wondering if the barking is her being nervous. I've tried ignoring it and then giving her lots of attention when she settles back down but my husband tells her to "shhhh".

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Re: Barking

Post by We5Kings » 20 May 2016, 11:05

Barking is her way of alerting you and protecting you but, yes, it can also be because she's nervous.
Dude always barks when anyone rings the bell but stops when they come in. When he was younger we clipped his lead on and let him come to the door with us to see who was there( not always practical)
Now when he barks I follow some advice I read on here and say "Thankyou Dude, good boy" and, amazingly it works! I thank him, then make him wait in the kitchen( glass door) while I go to see who it is. Of course, he gets v excited when people arrive( v waggy) but doesn't bark nowadays once they are in. He's quite shy too.
He's almost 3 now and if he's about to bark I can say "It's just postie" or "just the neighbour" etc and he stops. Someone told me saying "Shh" makes them bark more. :roll: Anny

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Re: Barking

Post by suzi23173 » 20 May 2016, 14:08

Don't ignore her- she's trying to tell you something's happening, that's her job, she carries on because she thinks you're not listening- like you have a choice! :shock:
I heard it's the poodle side which is a highly sensitive alert dog- it's definately true of my Tess.
Aknowledge her and show her you know, it's ok, thank you now shh!
If she barks at nothing, take her to the door and show her and tell her "there's nobody there". Then when she barks at nothing and you tell her " there's nobody there, thank you now shh!" she will know what you mean and quieten down.
You won't stop her barking but you can control it and curtail it.
Give regular noises a name so you can say- it's just a car, a birdie, the postman- it's ok, thank you now shh. Praise her for alerting you if there is something and reassure her all is ok.
I use shh- though it wouldn't work just on its own. I've heard there's no point shouting as they just think you are joining in. This all sounds bonkers but it works for me and I'm always banging on about it on here, sounds like it's working for others too so I hope it might work for you too! Xx
Suzi and Tess.

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