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Posted: 08 Jul 2016, 13:21
by TedsHuman
So we have been letting Ted off the lead for about 2 weeks now, his recall is very good (except for when the park is really busy so we have decided not to take him at peak times).

The problem is he wants to go up to everything and everyone, this is fine as we want him we socialised and so far we have been able to tell who is friendly and who isn't so we keep hold of him. However he can't help himself but jump up at other dog's faces. Some dogs don't mind and ignore him but others allow him to do it and then get annoyed when it gets excessive and nip (totally understandable for the dog to do this!).

When Ted jumps up at other dogs should I be pulling him back, telling him no or just let the other dog put him in his place? I appreciate he has to learn how to behave from other dogs but should I be doing something also?

Haylie & Ted

Re: Socialising

Posted: 08 Jul 2016, 15:17
by Doodle Dee
As a puppy he has to be taught not to do these things. That is when the other dog nips or somethin. I reckon only other dogs can do that. You just need to ensure the other dog is friendly enough. Lulu hates boxers but she saw a boxer pup and she was fine. I think it has to be A judgement call but obviously need to endure ted will come back to you as he may go up to a dog that won't tolerate this behaviour. I think there is such a thing as the 10 second rule. Where dogs can go up to eAch other have a sniff and leave!!

Lulu used to love all dogs as a pup but a couple of times was hurt in playing with them and she is very wAry.

Re: Socialising

Posted: 08 Jul 2016, 18:49
by Bid
He has to learn that he can't go running up to every dog - some dogs are on lead and that is usually a sign that the owners do not want dogs to run up to them. Obviously most people put their dogs on lead too, but there are always times when you don't spot them, so your pup does need to learn not to run up to them. THis is where training classes really help because pups learn to do things in the presence of other dogs.

I work on a strong "leave it" with my dogs - it applies to things, people and dogs, as well as recall. Also I teach "doggy" which means there is a dog they can go and greet.

Re: Socialising

Posted: 08 Jul 2016, 21:18
by TedsHuman
Usually when a big dog is approaching either on or off lead I will say to the owner 'is he ok' or something similar, most will say yes but if any say no I keep hold of him or make him sit until they have gone passed.

After a bad experience with a husky I'm weary of big dogs now (he isn't!) so I'm more cautious and try to distract him with his ball but most have been ok.

He was running after a small Yorkie today I couldn't get him to come back it was so embarrassing.

From now on I will start saying no of he jumps up, he does know what that means.

It's all a learning curve!

Re: Socialising

Posted: 08 Jul 2016, 22:02
by Bid
As a rule it is much easier to tell a dog what you want him to do than telling him not to do something, so I would pick a behaviour that you want him to do when greeting, instead of jumping up - that way you have something you can reward, which is the best way to get a behaviour repeated. Something such as a sit followed by a treat will be more effective than saying no.

Re: Socialising

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 12:51
by TedsHuman
That makes sense and something I could use for other behaviour as well. Thanks.