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Author:  We5Kings [ 16 Jul 2016, 18:01 ]
Post subject:  Cats!!!

As some of you will recall, I broke my wrist back in April. My cast came off in June and now I am going through the usual 3months of physio. My left hand is slowly improving and gaining strength BUT I am still struggling when Dude sees cats!!
Normally I walk him on my left side holding the lead in my right hand, using the left to bring him to heel or control any naughtiness. With my current injury I'm pretty much one handed. And although I always keep an eye out for felines, Dude sometimes spots The Enemy before I do and , when he does, he tries to set off in hot pursuit!! Under normal circumstances I would use both hands to bring him to order, but recently I've had to let go of the lead to avoid being pulled over! ( luckily the Enemy was on our drive as we returned from a walk)
Is it possible to tone down his lifelong need to chase cats!! Anny

Author:  Pollydoodle [ 16 Jul 2016, 23:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Cats!!!

Hmmm, stop chasing them out your garden yourself with Dude in hot pursuit may be a good start :lol: kidding. It is amazing to me, how quickly we can condition our dogs , more so i thnk when we do it unintentionally !
I only need to whisper and one of mine legs it out the side door looking for mr squirrel .

They say everthing is trainable, ourselves and our dogs.Guess in my case is if we have the extra time and patience to do little and often sessions.
What if you trained a rock solid wait? Some throw yum food on floor but thar would not cut it 70 %of time, with mine.
Interim :can't recall if you have himin headcollar (i hate them having seen to many dogs with eyes squished by the strap or close to being so; or seeing a head yanked sharply imagine what that does to the neck potentially.) Oops mini rant there , i know they suit some folks. What i was tryi g to say is would a harness(front and bsck clip) help you for now or at least a training lead.

Author:  We5Kings [ 17 Jul 2016, 09:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Cats!!!

You have a good point there, he knows we don't like the cats who poo in our garden , so all cats must be chased!! Like yours he chases squirrels too, but he tends to be in the garden when he sees them and not on lead.
I use a flat leather lead on a leather collar for walking Dude. We also have a harness which I could go back to( although I'd have to catch Dude to put it on!)I agree with you about face halters! Horrible!
We have a good "wait" response off lead but my problem is when I don't see the cat before he does!! I think all I can do really is be super vigilant when we are out on walks. Thanks Anny

Author:  Pollydoodle [ 17 Jul 2016, 13:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Cats!!!

You bring back memories :) .As kids we used to walk our dogs with softest, old leather leads.
Harnesses some can't bear the harness going over the head, i ended up with t-touch one goes on like a collar. Plus is huge impact with all that body contact. Anyway, i do recommend while you get yr strength back a double ended lead then you can walk all the time with it draped over his chest whilst clipped to his collar as usual. This makes huge diffs is he suddenly flies off.
COA double ended lead, I use the small ie thin one some prefer the thicker one. These peeps are lovely and the package comes as a' search it' box for afters ... pose-leads

Author:  We5Kings [ 17 Jul 2016, 19:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Cats!!!

Aha! Excellent advice! I've got a Ruffwear Frontrange harness which has a front and back lead attachment. We also have a lead like you sugest. This IS the way to go I'm sure. He we just have to be persuaded that it's good to wear a harness again!
Like you, I grew up walking dogs with leather leads and collars. But Dude is without doubt the strongest dog I've ever walked( or the most cat mad!)And I've never had a broken wrist before!
Although last week, in Brighton visiting Mum( 90 soon) she said "So why do you need 2hands to walk a dog!When I broke my wrist I never stopped taking the dogs out!" True :roll: Anny

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