Puppy Toilet Training advice

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Puppy Toilet Training advice

Post by Sammyez » 17 Feb 2017, 18:04


I'm a newbie to the forum. We've just got our miniature labradoodle puppy at 9 weeks (Ruby). We are currently trying to train the puppy to use the puppy pads without much success. Hence the
floor is now covered in newspapers to capture the random places selected by Ruby.

The breeder mentioned it might be a good idea to place the puppy on the pad after she's had a drink or taking her out of the crate. However, she waits on the pad and when were distracted will pee somewhere else. Additionally, she waits until we are cleaning up the wee to go and poo in a different area away from us. We've given her praise on the rare occasions she has used the pad but, not commented about her accidents elsewhere.

Would it be worth getting an enzyme based odour cleaner eg Johnsons Clean and Safe Stain & Odour remover? Has anyone had success with it? Also, is it OK to use on wooden / laminate floors?

Are there any additional tips or advice that might help Ruby to use the pads more regularly?



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Re: Puppy Toilet Training advice

Post by stout » 17 Feb 2017, 23:44

Hello! We didn't use puppy pads with stout. We made a note of the times he did wees and poos to work out if there was a pattern, if say, there was 20 minutes between wees we would take him outside at 18 minutes. We had a very lovely piece of paper on our freezer showing the times! We used an enzyme cleaner when there was an accident, we hade laminate in the kitchen and carpet in the lounge, I think it was ok on each.

Good luck!

Chris, Michelle & Stout



Stout Puppy Pics:

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Re: Puppy Toilet Training advice

Post by We5Kings » 18 Feb 2017, 09:58

Like Michelle, we kept note ( in a little book) of pee/poo times. We also noted feed times etc. We were lucky in that we got Dude in the summer so it was easier to go outside. We took him out a lot, after waking, drinking, playing. We also had a little lead and would would walk him out to a particular area. We differentiated this from going out to play, so he gradually realised it was pee time not play time. It takes time but they learn not to go in the house at all. Of course they have the odd accident and to clean up we used bio laundry liquid. Anny

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Re: Puppy Toilet Training advice

Post by Woobie » 18 Feb 2017, 10:22

Hi. Our Dood has just turned 8 months. We didn't use pads either. As others, took him out very regularly. We walked around the garden with no real interaction with him. He would follow & as trotting around when the urge took him he would go. At this point we interacted &,gave him praise. I also would say a command word as he did his business. ( for us, we use 'be quick') that way he got to associate the word with going to the toilet. Once he'd got it, we let him out to the paving slab bed area in the garden & tell him to be quick & he goes ( getting a very small treat afterwards.)
The cleaner we used for the early accidents was Simple Solutions.
( can get it on line or pets at home......sometimes in TK Max much cheaper.) it was great and they do one for use on laminate floors.
Good luck.

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Re: Puppy Toilet Training advice

Post by Sammyez » 23 Feb 2017, 17:51

Thank you for the feedback and advice. I'm sure things will improve from next week when we can take our puppy outside following her recent injections. I will have to try and train her to go in a certain part of the garden and use an instruction like 'go quickly' Lets hope she gets the hang of it...

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Re: Puppy Toilet Training advice

Post by Doodle Dee » 24 Feb 2017, 23:58

I only used one puppy mat placed near the door. It worked sometimes. My friend looked after her for a while and didn't bother with the pads. And suddenly she was clean and dry. You may have to catch him in the act and put him on the mat and use your word ut never tell them off

Good luck
Lulu & Dx


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Re: Puppy Toilet Training advice

Post by Pollydoodle » 26 Feb 2017, 14:20

Bit late but you can take your pup outdoors in your garden before her jabs.It is taking them out to 'public' places is the concern.

I would add re toileting is I would refrain from picking her up to place outside or on pad.Rather encourage her to the pad/out. My thinking is there is currently no connect. Wonder if she is learning that the way to pee is first be picked up by human? With a no.2, often after next meal, you can tell when nose goes down and they start sniffing or circling. Really encourage to pad or outside.
Good luck and it does,I find, require close attention for number of weeks to have a quickly house trained pup.

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Re: Puppy Toilet Training advice

Post by Sammyez » 27 Feb 2017, 18:50

Thanks for the comments and advice. I will try putting the pad near to the back door and encourage Ruby to go there or outside. I guess it's a bit of trial and error until they learn the what is required.

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