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Posted: 08 Mar 2017, 09:12
by Jojo123
Hedley is 17 months old and is now very well behaved and has calmed down (on the whole!) At night he was sleeping in his crate, settled all night until a couple of months ago when he would bark at about 3am until one of us came downstairs. On being let into the garden he didn't need to wee etc I just think he wanted us up! We then trusted him out of the crate and for 2 months he's slept through with the run of the downstairs and he's been fine. However we got up today and the other day to find he's chewed the sofa.
Does anyone have any ideas why and also any advice please?

Thank you Jo

Re: Chewing

Posted: 08 Mar 2017, 09:25
by Bid
Is there any chance of setting up a webcam to see what time he does it, and if he is showing any signs of anxiety before hand (pacing, panting, lip licking etc). I was wondering ifthere issomething happeneing at around 3.00 that is bothering him ( a shift worker going to work, milkman deliveries and so on).