Sensitive dood

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Sensitive dood

Post by Pollydoodle » 31 Aug 2017, 12:42

Curious if anyone has thoughts or suggestion.
Don't laugh as ridiculous as thebehaviour seems :) . I have uber sound sensitive girl. More recently she has been worried if the other dood coughs :roll: eg carrot in his throat or whatever.She then looks( her whole body demeanour changes) very worried almost as if she has done something wrong and starts to quickly exit the room. :?
I tried ignoring her reaction or making light of it , the latter seems to help at times, yet wondered if anyone has that magic answer...

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Re: Sensitive dood

Post by We5Kings » 01 Sep 2017, 13:30

Dude is startled by many sounds- sneezing, burping etc! He too looks v worried indeed and often goes under the kitchen table( The Dude Cave)
I think he's best when ignored, although he often comes to me for reassurance :roll: He has always been sound sensitive. Petrified of fireworks and thunder!

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Re: Sensitive dood

Post by annvinton » 04 Sep 2017, 11:01

Hi Pollydoodle,

Long time no see. :lol:

Is she only doing this if other dood coughs etc.?

What happens if YOU cough / choke?

Is it just the noise, or is she remembering an incident when other dood (and maybe you) were worried and maybe there was a bit of panic going on?

Does the noise remind her of another dog pulling on the lead ...... has another dog pulled towards her whilst out walking?

Maybe if you can find the link you can find a way to help her.


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Re: Sensitive dood

Post by jonb » 04 Sep 2017, 15:23

Some people dont always get what i mean when i say this but Roker is not keen on sounds he cant see if that makes sense. If he cant see whats made the noise then he doesnt like it at all. I think he just likes to be reassured by knowing where the noise has come from. We sometimes wander along one of the main roads out of Chesterfield towards the peak and whilst there is a wide pavement and in reality its 30mph changing to 40mph a lot of cars do more than that and trucks coming down the hill towards town are doing a lot more and make lots of noise. If we are walking on that road i make sure we walk with the traffic coming towards us on our side with me between him and the road and he's fine. If we walk with traffic coming from behind us we have a lot of stopping as he looks round to see whats coming behind him.

We also get "advised" if neighbours are going out, coming home, putting the bin out etc

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Re: Sensitive dood

Post by Pollydoodle » 09 Sep 2017, 00:46

Thanks each for you replies and thoughts.
DON'T mention fireworks :( main?! season is so near.We had a near complete meltdown on the weekend. :cry: Late night just off tobed- such big deep boom I thought it must National Trust event some miles off but no a field away. Few more then that was it,super fear mode :cry: Takes days and days to come out the body.So hate 'party' fireworks in particular.
Anny, I think it's lovely he comes for reassurance,so often dogs run in fear.
Believe it is good to positively reassure.Dude Cave :lol:ours has under dining table,how embarrassing is that! Tell guests the bed is foot warmer :oops:
Hey Ann, :shock: :D ...and nope we till don't do Sunday mornings!
If I've asthma cough she checks me out if am not good she comes and stays with me, bless her. Now if she was afraid of that I could get it as not a pretty sight! She does make huge associations so more pondering...

Jonb,that is interesting how he he needs to 'see' the sound. I did chuckle on the we get "advised" Oh my! Know that one well esp if someone steps over white line on road :roll: :D

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Re: Sensitive dood

Post by linny » 10 Sep 2017, 12:11

Hi Michelle
Re your dogs sensitivity you might find the Scullcap & Valerian tablets useful.
They are available from Dorwest herbs and suitable for dogs who get upset by fireworks or other stress triggers so they should also work for anxiety and shadow chasing etc;. I see in their reviews that someone has a O.C.D dog and has reported great improvement since using the know I swear by them as they worked so well for Jethro so they might well be worth a try ? ... s-and-cats

P.S considering her age ....have you had a recent eye sight check done for her ?...could be that she might be sight impaired .

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