Toilet training at 8 weeks!

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Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by distant_duck » 13 Sep 2017, 07:45


Sorry, I'm fully aware this has probably been asked 100 times before but just after some general toilet training advice.

We have a crate, which he seems perfectly happy with (happily climbed in as soon as we got home and settled down, has been shut in since and at night with no issue - just luck I think as his breeder didn't use crates).

We've designated a corner of the garden for him to use as his toilet. On his first day home, we were doing really well (Monday). I managed to intercept a couple of times and get him outside where he finished doing his thing, and on a few other occasions just managed to be outside at the right time.

Tuesday I thought I was beginning to get his pattern down. Every wee I caught was straight after a nap, so as soon as he woke in his crate, I took him out and he went for a #1. It seemed as though he was going 3 hourly which to me seemed a long time but hey ho, not going to complain!

#2's, I again thought I was cottoning on. His first was 30 mins after dinner on Monday night. Second, 30 mins after waking on Tuesday and third, 30 mins after lunch. So come dinner, I'm expecting a #2 after dinner but nothing. In fact, he hadn't weed since around 2pm in the afternoon. Couldn't get him to go at all outside. Any time I tried, he whined in his toileting area and just tried to leave it. My husband kept putting him in his crate for 15 min intervals come the evening then taking him back outside. But it got to the stage where he had been in his crate for a good couple of hours when I felt he should really be having some play time to wind down for bed. Let him out. 5 mins later, weed in the house!!! 4am this morning he finally did his #2 (in the garden!)

The one thing I'm concerned with now is that on Tuesday, we fenced off his toilet area as he kept trying to wander to other parts of the garden. Now, whenever I put him in it, he just whines and jumps trying to escape. Could this be hindering the training? Is it possible he's now getting a negative association with the toilet area as he's "shut in". Took him out this morning upon waking for a wee (when previously he would reliably empty his bladder. Same thing. Came in and 5 mins later, weed on the floor.

I've been cleaning the areas that he uses indoors with an enzyme cleaner to try and remove the temptation to use the same spot. He does just seem to go wherever though.

Potentially, just letting him wander the garden will yield better results but I was really hoping to confine the poop to one area!!

I really don't want to use puppy pads!!!

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