Toilet training at 8 weeks!

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Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by distant_duck » 13 Sep 2017, 08:12


Sorry, I'm fully aware this has probably been asked 100 times before but just after some general toilet training advice.

We have a crate, which he seems perfectly happy with (happily climbed in as soon as we got home and settled down, has been shut in since and at night with no issue - just luck I think as his breeder didn't use crates).

We've designated a corner of the garden for him to use as his toilet. On his first day home, we were doing really well (Monday). I managed to intercept a couple of times and get him outside where he finished doing his thing, and on a few other occasions just managed to be outside at the right time.

Tuesday I thought I was beginning to get his pattern down. Every wee I caught was straight after a nap, so as soon as he woke in his crate, I took him out and he went for a #1. It seemed as though he was going 3 hourly which to me seemed a long time but hey ho, not going to complain!

#2's, I again thought I was cottoning on. His first was 30 mins after dinner on Monday night. Second, 30 mins after waking on Tuesday and third, 30 mins after lunch. So come dinner, I'm expecting a #2 after dinner but nothing. In fact, he hadn't weed since around 2pm in the afternoon. Couldn't get him to go at all outside. Any time I tried, he whined in his toileting area and just tried to leave it. My husband kept putting him in his crate for 15 min intervals come the evening then taking him back outside. But it got to the stage where he had been in his crate for a good couple of hours when I felt he should really be having some play time to wind down for bed. Let him out. 5 mins later, weed in the house!!! 4am this morning he finally did his #2 (in the garden!)

The one thing I'm concerned with now is that on Tuesday, we fenced off his toilet area as he kept trying to wander to other parts of the garden. Now, whenever I put him in it, he just whines and jumps trying to escape. Could this be hindering the training? Is it possible he's now getting a negative association with the toilet area as he's "shut in". Took him out this morning upon waking for a wee (when previously he would reliably empty his bladder. Same thing. Came in and 5 mins later, weed on the floor.

I've been cleaning the areas that he uses indoors with an enzyme cleaner to try and remove the temptation to use the same spot. He does just seem to go wherever though.

Potentially, just letting him wander the garden will yield better results but I was really hoping to confine the poop to one area!!

I really don't want to use puppy pads!!!

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Re: Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by We5Kings » 13 Sep 2017, 16:33

Welcome! Lots of people will be able to make suggestions but first I would say it takes weeks not days to get results. I mean to really crack house training you have to realise it's a slow process. Pups don't really understand what we want them to do!
I didn't use a crate but I did keep an eye on Dude and even made a note of what he was doing and when. Wees can happen many times a day and the best thing is to clip a little lead on and take the pup outside. Poos are a bit easier to predict and again a little Potter around outside usually gets results. But they are babies and can get caught short anytime :roll:
Between 8-12 weeks I always got up in the night to take Dude outside. I have to say this does speed the process up but it's not for everyone. We did it because we were not using a crate and because it's a very old method which my 90year old Mum always used ( she's my Dog Guru :D )
Good luck Anny and Dude

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Re: Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by marymuffin » 14 Sep 2017, 12:48

Hi, depends on the dog. Have had three dogs over the years, two of them were great by 11/12 weeks not Dexter the doodle 18 weeks thought we were never going to get there ! He's nearly 5 years old now. Just keep going. H and D

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Re: Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by jonb » 19 Sep 2017, 12:05

We got Roker in December so i spent the majority of the winter in the garden house training him and at times i thought we'd never get there. After a decent start we had a spell where it was a nightmare. Got into a routine of going outside first thing, lunchtime, last thing along with after food, after playing etc and then tried to pick up on warning signs. Didnt always work but then you look back off a sudden one day and you realise they've not had an accident in the house in ages.

The only thing i'd change....make sure i pick the pup up in summer not winter.....was freezing stood in the back garden at times!!

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Re: Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by Bid » 24 Sep 2017, 09:46

The key times are after sleeping, after eating, and after playing. It helps to start putting a word to the deed - with mine a pee is called a "hurry up", and a poo is just that (well actually it's "puppy poo" but that now sounds stupid as they are adults). So when the pup has a pee, I would get excited and repeat "good hurry up!". I expect you've noticed how easily they are distracted, so this brings them back to the reason for being out there.

As already mentioned, it can take weeks to get there. That's why I preferred to use puppy pads as I couldn't bear the thought of getting up every night for a couple of months, but I know not everyone likes them.
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Re: Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by moosesminion » 27 Sep 2017, 13:24

I was fortunate to be at home whilst we were training Moose. I found it very useful to write down times every day, then I could spot patterns.

I would wake up at 4am to begin with, carry him outside and then straight back in to his crate without interaction to go back to sleep. A couple of days at 4am, then it was 4.15, then 4.30 etc etc. It didn't take very long till he was making it through the night, and it wasn't to onerous for me (certainly better than getting up to be met with wee everywhere!).

During the day, it was a case of taking him outside often, and certainly after every meal, nap play sesh etc. His final outing at night took as long as it took to get both a wee and a poo (for the first 3 weeks). After this, is was just a wee as he could wait till the following morning for a poo.

I am under no illusions that our boy was a super star at toilet training. From 8 weeks old, I can count the number of accidents on 1 hand and he was "safe" to be left at my parents house overnight by 12 weeks old. I know I put a lot of effort in and was very consistent for 4 weeks, but touch wood that seemed to do it.

Should point out, he was a spring puppy, so I had the advantage of good weather. Would imagine it would take far longer in the autumn or winter and I would be far less willing to get up early! I kept up with the note pad till about 13 weeks, but that was more for my comfort I think!

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Re: Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by distant_duck » 04 Oct 2017, 16:27

Thanks for all of the tips.

So for the last couple of weeks things were going really well. I got rid of the barrier to remove that stress and for now am allowing him to go wherever he pleases (as long as it's outside! - he does seem to stick to the grass rather than go on the decking which is a bonus). I figure I can shape the behaviour once we've cracked going outside.


We were doing well (or so I thought). We only had max one wee in the house per day, leading up to the weekend we had a few accident free days. He ALWAYS pooped outside. He would ask to go out or take himself out (if the door was open) and do his business but not for wee's. As of Sunday something has changed. He's been weeing AND pooping in the house. 1 poop and 3 wee's so far today. The last wee, I took him out of his crate, into the garden, hung around for a bit, nothing. Brought him in, kept the kitchen door closed so I could keep an eye, turned my back for literally 15 seconds (to grab a sweet, stupid bloody sweet tooth!) and turned back to a puddle. Literally 2 mins after bringing him in. I could have cried =( On Sunday I assumed it was because we were a bit slack. We kept the back door open so he could wander in and out, took out attention off him a LOT, just generally chilled in a true Sunday fashion which resulted in lots of accidents. Bad puppy parents. I get why it happened on Sunday, but why, since going back to our usual routine, is he just doing as he pleases now?

What do I do? He's peeing in the kitchen, dining room and on the living room rug! We're going to put a barrier across into the lounge tonight so he no longer has access to there (we're open-plan lounge/diner) but I really don't know what to do.

I've been taking him out at the usual times. After he wakes, after food, after a drink, after play, and making sure he has the opportunity to go every hour (if he hasn't already been). Technique hasn't changed. It's so disheartening!!

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Re: Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by suzi23173 » 04 Oct 2017, 21:08

Other than the obvious thing of cleaning up really well (biological washing powder and surgical spirit), I think that, once they have weed somewhere and not been challenged, they think its ok to go there and do it again.
I found with Tess that if she managed to go and I didn't catch her, despite thorough cleaning, she would go there again whereas if I caught her in the act and picked her up , put her out and made a big fuss along the lines of "Uh-uh-uh no wee-wees, oh dear dear dear! Wee-wees out!" ("out" being what I say when we go outside and "wee-wees" my choosen command word when she goes) she wouldn't go there again.
Obviously I never told her off and there's no point saying anything if you don't catch them but if I could catch her it seemed to sink in that its not ok to go there. I wasn't scary or mean, just kind of high pitched and a bit alarming but still jolly if you see what I mean.
Its early days for you- Tess did her last wee in the house at 6 months, although that was a surprise and there hadn't been any for quite a long time before. Keep at it- it will come!
Suzi and Tess.

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Re: Toilet training at 8 weeks!

Post by linny » 06 Oct 2017, 12:15

Try not to get disheartened.....pups cannot control their bowel or bladder for up to 16+ weeks. They are like babies ...some take longer than others .
With my own dogs I took them outside every half hour and praised and rewarded them when they performed. Some of my dogs learned very quickly and others not so. Don't ever loose the plot and tell them off !
He is after all only 8+ weeks and it's comparable to expecting a newborn baby to use the toilet and remember to flush :lol: ..
With patience ...he will soon learn. :)

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