And they called it puppy love ...

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And they called it puppy love ...

Post by Team Green » 20 Sep 2017, 08:53

Hello there
Our Australian Labradoodle puppy arrives in less than 4 weeks and apart from being beside ourselves with excitement, we are also dreadfully confused by the vast amount of conflicting advice on how to love, care for and train her in the early days. Do you have any simple but sound advice please?
Ta muchly
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Re: And they called it puppy love ...

Post by annvinton » 20 Sep 2017, 17:35

Much like a baby. :lol:
Buy a good book such as Gwen Bailey's "The Perfect Puppy".
Keep to a routine.
Three meals a day to start with. Water always available. (Breeder should tell you which food they use and give you a comfort blanket with Mum's smell on it).
You can get "Snuggle Puppies" to use at bedtime, like a litter mate, has a ticking heart and a warm bag.
Outside for toilet every time they eat, drink, wake up.
Choose a word e.g. "wee" "poo" and say it when they perform, in a very pleased voice.
This will help later on when you want them to perform when asked e.g. before getting in the car.
Give a small treat at bedtime, this will signal "time to sleep".
Try and keep to same bedtime every day to start with .......... routine is everything.
Don't bend down and pat top of head ......... rub chest ............. hand disappearing out of sight over head can be frightening at first.
Be consistent, they get confused if you do different thing, use different words.
Remember they need LOTS of sleep. Like children they get tetchy when over tired.

Enjoy ........... they grow up very quickly. :D



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Re: And they called it puppy love ...

Post by Bid » 24 Sep 2017, 09:39

Ha ha - I bet you get conflicting advice here!

The best puppy book out there imo is Pippa Mattinsons Happy Puppy book - well worth a look.

Some people like a crate, I prefer a puppy pen with room for a toilet area as well as water and a bed. Some people get up at regular intervals in the night to let the puppy out, but I know having a puppy is tiring so I only get up if the puppy cries to go out - this has not caused any problems with house training.

I use puppy pads - witht he plastic frame so they don't get shredded. They haven't made my pups pee on all mats.

I let my puppies off lead from their first walk, while they are still worried about the big wide world and want to stick close to me.

So I would say in a lot of things, do what suits you best regardless of the general advice.

There are some things that imo are essential though....

Get your puppy used to grooming - both at home and at the groomers.

Go to puppy training classes ( actual training classes - not the parties that the vet holds, although they are fine if you want to go to them). Even if you are used to training your own dogs, puppy classes mean you can get up to date with the training advice, and put it into practice with all the ready made distractions you need!

We all know that socialisation is important, but my advice is to make sure that all the social experiences you give your puppy are positive ones, and not just taking it to new scary places. Teach your pup how to behave and cope with all the new things you are showing him.

Most of all though, relax and enjoy your puppy in your own way.
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