Jumping up on me during muddy walks

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Jumping up on me during muddy walks

Post by Milo17 » 25 Nov 2017, 11:21

I was wondering if anyone has had a mad muddy jumper like I do, and knows how to stop the jumping?

A few people have talked about how labradoodles like to jump up. Well my 1 year old Milo has got worse at this since the weather got wetter. He's always loved walks - gallops madly across the fields then madly back to me to "tell me about it" with a big grin on his face. This has always included jumping up but gently and only once or twice before he goes off again.

But since he started coming back all-over muddy, jumping up has involved cold muddy paws and he has found he can make me squeak. Now part of the running game involves how often he can make dash-past contact with his muddy paws on any part of me. Sometimes this can now include launching himself at me, causing hard crashes and bumps. And I am returning regularly from walks covered in mud from head to toe.

Of course in between jumping up he is a delight to take for walks - interested and loving to run and explore, with good recall. But this jumping is spoiling the walks for me. I've learnt not to squeak. I've tried bending down to him as he runs towards me so he does not feel he needs to jump to get my attention. I praise him generously when he doesn't jump, but instead just sniffs my hand or runs past. But nothing is making any difference.

I've read descriptions on this forum of the strong character that labradoodles have. When Milo was a 10 inch pup last year, my 26 year old daughter visited and he found he could make her squeak by nipping her ankles. So I spoke to him very firmly telling him "No!". Immediately this little fluffy puppy began barking at me, then running around nipping everyone else's ankles too. I had to pick him up and put him in another room. But I can't do that with a springer sized dog on a walk.

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Re: Jumping up on me during muddy walks

Post by Bid » 26 Nov 2017, 01:26

Ha ha - squeaking is irresistible to dogs! The more you squeak, the more they do whatever set you off.

Re the jumping up when muddy - any form of wetness sends them a bit crazy, and jumping is a way to express that. One thing that can help is to tell them is to tell them what you want them to do instead - the 2 things that work for me are "sit", and "watch me". Either of those will make my dogs stop jumping and wait for the reward for doing as asked, It took a little bit of work, but these days their response is pretty instant.
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Re: Jumping up on me during muddy walks

Post by Pollydoodle » 27 Nov 2017, 22:07

Ok 'fess up , has he got worse .... or you notice it a lot more as now you're covered in mud :shock: :lol: ?? Not funny day after day granted.The cold and wet definitely sends them loopy.

As he has been jumping for a while , whatever you do will take some time.
Bids idea is good. Wonder if you can sometimes preempt him, recall him before he runs back to "tell you about it".
Good luck with the mud, keep your sense of humour as he is of the age to test you and his antics to the limit!

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