Four year old suddenly barking at other dogs

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Four year old suddenly barking at other dogs

Post by ChrissyD » 22 Feb 2019, 11:41

Luther is a beautiful 4 yr old who has always enjoyed his walks. All of a sudden, he has begun to bark and lunge at certain dogs while on the lead (usually ones he perceives bigger or “tougher” ie German shepherds or staffies etc). Most of them are older gentle dogs who do not react to him and pose no threat. However, he will bark and lunge pulling my arm out of its socket! I usually end up removing him from the situation but it takes all my strength. He is a really friendly dog ( mainly with people rather than other dogs and up until now was happy to ignore other dogs rather than engage in rough and tumble play). Do you think this might be just a phase and how should I deal with it?

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Re: Four year old suddenly barking at other dogs

Post by linny » 22 Feb 2019, 22:34

Is Luther entire or neutered?
You might try using a head control as a training aid, there are several different types available.
The theory is that if you have control of the head they can't pull or lunge.
I had a problem with a foster Dood,..he was almost 49 kilos and I was recovering from ulna nerve surgery so really couldn't risk the pulling and tugging .
He would almost take me off my feet if he met with another dog ,there was no aggression as you are experiencing with Luther he just wanted to play but his behaviour was unacceptable.
I resorted to using Dogmatic.... it's the same style as a horse's head collar and works on the same principle, if you have control of the have control.
When I first fitted it he fought it ...rolling on the ground,pawing at it etc, so I would put it on and take it off frequently till he got used to it.
It worked for me!.....after a month or two I reverted back to his normal collar and lead.
Has anything happened to Luther that might have triggered his reaction to other dogs?

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Re: Four year old suddenly barking at other dogs

Post by We5Kings » 23 Feb 2019, 10:59

I wonder if Luther has recently been neutered?
I ask because before neuter our Dude never barked at other dogs. He used to be very timid and often was the one getting barked at. Since neuter( last April) he often does the barking! (He is 5.) He has never actually been aggressive, but he certainly tells some other dogs off ( especially young males)
I know how hard it can be when they take a dislike to another dog and how strong they are!
In terms of why they do it- with Dude I assume he's trying to protect me.
Has anything changed to upset Luther lately?

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