Ollie bear needs the besthome - ever!

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Ollie bear needs the besthome - ever!

Post by Pollydoodle » 16 Feb 2014, 23:31

This lovely ,lovely boy needs a home. ( He is one half of a doodle :wink: ) He is gorgeous !!
As an Oldie he shouldn't be looking for a home but he is. His next home is going to be the best ever for him.He deserves it. :D :D
Please have a look and see if your home has a space that Ollie can fill


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Re: Ollie bear needs the besthome - ever!

Post by Bid » 17 Feb 2014, 11:36

Fancy moving to a house that doesn't accommodate your 12 year old dog :shock: :shock: :( :(

I wish I hadn't looked because I would love to have him here, but I know OH won't agree :roll: I do miss my old boy :cry:
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Re: Ollie bear needs the besthome - ever!

Post by swardie » 17 Feb 2014, 12:23

I must stop looking at the links, , as I end up tearful just thinking about these lovely dogs. I so hope he gets a fab family who loves him as he should be loved.

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Re: Ollie bear needs the besthome - ever!

Post by SfcBlaze » 17 Feb 2014, 18:49

What a lovely oldie he is. I showed hubby 'but he with sensible head' pointed out it would be unfair with such a boisterous pup and 2 young kids. I'm sure there is the perfect loving home out there somewhere. Hope it comes soon for him. Good luck Ollie Bear. xxxx

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