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Anyone who has a cat.

Posted: 27 Sep 2014, 23:00
by dwood
Although this is generally a dog site I wondered if anyone could help with a cat query. We have a labradoodle who is fine. Also had 2 cats. Brothers we got from same litter 18 yrs ago. One became very poorly last week and after visit to vet we decided it was better to let him go as he was very sick.Although very sad things seem worse because his brother is acting very strange and seems to be moping. Finding it hard to get him to eat and he is wandering around crying. Not too happy to come into the house either. They were never very close and did fight on occasions. Do cats miss a sibling when left on their own. Family think I'm being silly as I feel the loss. Has anyone had 2 cats like this. Will he get over it? Sorry it's not dog related.

Re: Anyone who has a cat.

Posted: 27 Sep 2014, 23:29
by MandyG
I'm so sorry you have lost one of your cats, although 18 is a good age, it's never easy.

I have two cats as well as my lovely Phoebe. Annie and Mac are brother and sister and coming up 11. To be honest, they could care less about each other :lol: They occasionally sleep together, but more often than not they sleep apart. Annie takes the occasional swipe at Mac for no apparent reason, and I think she's the boss.

Annie is a bit of a wanderer and has twice now disappeared for two or three months. Both times I had given up on her and both times she came home, skinny but fine. When she's gone, Mac doesn't seem to miss her, and he certainly doesn't pine.

Having said that, all animals are different and have their own personality, so I don't think you can generalise. It's entirely possible your remaining boy is missing his brother. So sad.

Re: Anyone who has a cat.

Posted: 28 Sep 2014, 00:12
by Bid
How sad :-( Animals do grieve - Daisy was bereft when we lost our lab and I don't see why cats would be any different. Is there anything you can tempt him with that he really likes? My cat Spike was really poorly a week or so ago (he ate a stone and had to have an op to remove it) and we tempted him with steamed fish (well microwaved really). I ended up cooking it and taking it to the hospital where he was on a drip.

Re: Anyone who has a cat.

Posted: 28 Sep 2014, 08:08
by dwood
Thanks for replies. We are just a bit surprised as they never were that nice to each other and did fight on occasions. The odd thing is that when Jaspers was ill, Henry and him lay together in the dog basket which was really odd. I did try some chicken last night which he ate a little bit of. Also some cat milk so that's a start. Guess they have spent 18 yrs every day together so must be odd for him. Maybe get closer to Phoebe now. He isn't in great health either so just don't want another trip to the vet. Downside of having pets I suppose. Will need grief counselling when Phoebe goes as she is so special.

Re: Anyone who has a cat.

Posted: 28 Sep 2014, 20:46
by Ianto!
I don't understand how you family could feel you're being silly missing your cat... you've had him for eighteen years, you're bound to feel the loss! And his brother will do too. Give yourself time to grieve, even after eighteen years it's still a shock, especially when it happens quickly, he was part of your life for a long time.
I hope your other cat is able to cope, with your help - it must feel so strange for him to be on his own for the first time in his life -
Anne & Ianto x

Re: Anyone who has a cat.

Posted: 28 Sep 2014, 22:38
by suebedo
I truly understand how bad you can feel after losing your cat.

We have had cats all our married life. Our first "pride" of 4 started when we were newly weds, every time I mentioned children, another kitten came along :lol: . We lost a couple of cats at quite a young age - the other cats didn't appear to react but they had not seen any deterioration in health - as far as they were concerned, their pride member had just disappeared. I was left with my two ginger boys who both got to 18, they were a year apart in age. When the older one, Woodstock, died, it was a huge wrench - he had been with us through all the normal ups and downs of life and the kids had grown up with him. The whole family mourned his loss and Marmaduke was unsettled. He demanded extra attention and took a few weeks to settle down again. He lived for another year of very happy and contented life.

What you are feeling is absolutely normal, I was lucky in that my family all understood how I felt as they felt the same. Time will help heal the pain and in a couple of months your other cat will settle again I'm sure.

Take care

Re: Anyone who has a cat.

Posted: 28 Sep 2014, 23:58
by dwood
That makes me feel a bit better so there is hope for poor old Henry and at last he has eaten a bit today. To correct something I wrote before. I said the family said I was silly. It wasn't because I was sad as we all were,it was that I was saying Henry was missing his brother and looking for him as they thought I was anthropomorphising my feelings onto him.

It's been great to hear everyone's experiences with their cats. I feel hopeful now that he will recover and we will have him a bit longer.

Re: Anyone who has a cat.

Posted: 29 Sep 2014, 13:45
by Ianto!
Hi Dorothy,

I'm glad to hear that your cat if beginning to feel better - and that your family is more sympathetic than I'd thought! I'm with you in thinking that animals grieve, for each other and for us... My old rescue dog used to look so wistful when he saw an elderly person using a mobility scooter, he would refuse to move and watch them out of sight. He'd been bereaved when his elderly owner died and ended up in the RSPCA at 11 years old, poor guy. I suppose I could be accused of anthropomorphism (if I could only pronounce it!) but it was only old duffers on scooters, and I knew nothing about his previous owner. (Though maybe he just fancied a lift! :) )

Anne & Ianto xx