And more labradoodles needing a new home

Please use this section for listing details of any dogs that need rehoming. This area is not for posting details of litters/puppies - any such adverts will be removed.
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And more labradoodles needing a new home

Post by Lizzie-Lou » 13 Dec 2014, 02:21

Yet another "loving" owner looking for a new home for a breeding bitch. ... wport.html

And another one, just a year old: ... wport.html

Ah, I just noticed that they are both from the same place, Wentworth.

Hopefully someone can give them a happy new life.


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Re: And more labradoodles needing a new home

Post by suzi23173 » 13 Dec 2014, 09:40

These dogs are from a very well known doodle/poo breeder and are also advertised on their website.
Shockingly, they also have snow cascading over their website and a Christmas video of very cute puppies cavorting under a tree with presents. It is obviously trying to tempt you to think what good presents they will make as they have puppies available now. I thought responsible breeders made sure they didn't have puppies available at Christmas?

I hope these little ones don't end up on pets4homes themselves in a month or so as a result of this. Ba humbug! Not impressed!

Incidentally, the guide to labradoodles on the pets4homes site is very good indeed and would make a brilliant sticky for people wanting to know about the nature of doodles. It's very realistic and cautionary.

I hope these girls find lovely homes.
Suzi and Tess.

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